125 euro support to be paid to families in Portugal

Written By Lara Silva

The Portuguese government announced on September 5 a financial measure to help mitigate the impact of raising prices. A 50 and 125 euro one-time support will be paid to eligible families starting October 20 via bank transfer.

125 euros will be provided to the main adult, and 50 euros will be sent for each dependent up to 24 years of age. In the case of incapable dependents, there is no age limit.

Citizens do not need to apply for this measure as this will be sent automatically, according to the Ministry of Finance.

Residents with a gross income up to 2,700 euros per month are automatically eligible. However, they must have had a maximum of 37,800 euros (gross) declared in income tax in 2021.

This does not apply to those who were unemployed in a portion of 2021. These are still eligible for 125 euro support if they started working at some point that year. 

This yearly maximum amounts to a 14-month salary in Portugal, which includes a summer and Christmas salary. 

If the payment is not possible on October 20 “due to a lack of information or an invalid IBAN, the financial authorities will repeat the transfers monthly for half a year,” says Fernando Medina’s office. 

However, to ensure the payment runs smoothly, people can update their “IBAN in the Finances Portal. 

This 50 euro measure will support 2.2 million children and young people until the age of 24, costing 110 million euros. Both supports will include 8 million people with a total budget of 840 million euros. 

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