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How to Open a Bank Account in Portugal as a Foreigner

Opening a bank account in Portugal as a foreigner is quite a simple process. While many countries make it difficult to open a bank...

Cost of Living in Madeira: Funchal Monthly Budget

With both rent and restaurant prices being around 25% cheaper than in Lisbon, Funchal allows you to live your island dream without paying the...

Cost of Living in Porto: Porto Monthly Budget

Porto is a wonderful city for expats and digital nomads looking to explore culture and history, visit beaches, and enjoy high-quality restaurants for an...

Guide to Healthcare in Portugal: Portuguese Healthcare

Under the World Health Organization (WHO)'s ranking of healthcare systems, Portugal takes 12th place. Featuring both a private and public health sector, the country...

Cost of Living in Lisbon: How Much Money Do You Need to Live in Lisbon

Living in Lisbon has its perks, from its proximity to beaches, delicious restaurants, and iconic culture, but what makes it stand out from other...
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