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One of the best towns to visit in Portugal, Viseu is known for its hilltop old town, an ancient cathedral towering over it, the scenic cobbled alleyways, and its vast plazas. It is not just home to many architectural treasures but is also frequented for the highly delectable Dao wine from the neighboring Dao region and its mouthwatering cuisine. Whether you are an architecture buff, wine lover, or foodie, Viseu has plenty to offer you.

Things to do in Viseu

Go to the Cathedral of Viseu

Looming over the town center the beautiful cathedral was started in the 12th century and is a prime example of Manueline, Renaissance, and Mannerist architectural influences. It has two beautiful bell towers and a stunning main building. Inside, it is one of the most opulent tributes to Catholicism, with its vaulted nave ceiling, the golden altar, and one-of-its-kind atmosphere of a holy place.  Head here to unveil the majesty of Viseu’s past and its unique romantic ambiance.

Uncover the Renaissance art gems in the Grao Vasco Museum

Named after the famous Renaissance painter Vasco Fernandes, it houses some prime Renaissance treasures like unique altarpieces from Viseu Cathedral, partly executed by young Vasco Fernandez, but also armory, sculpture, and metalwork. Head here to uncover how much the town brought to Portuguese art. Don’t miss out on Jesus in the house of Marta by Vaso Fernandez, one of the best pieces of Portuguese Renaissance art.

Travel to Viseu’s downtown

Make it to Viseu’s downtown to uncover the beauty of its parks, plazas, cobbled narrow lanes, and scenic facades. There, you can take a ride on a funicular, pay a visit to Almeida Moreira Museum, the former home of professor & art critic Francisco António Almeida Moreira, and read a book in one of its leafy parks. Walking in Viseu’s downtown is one of the most romantic things you can do in Portugal, so start looking for happiness or grab your significant other and head there.

Keep in mind that the best food & drink options are located here, making it one of the best places in Viseu for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Pay a visit to Fontelo Park

Have a pleasant stroll in the lush Fontelo Park, one of Viseu’s best places to commune with nature. Here you will find a campsite, swimming pools, tennis courts, football pitches, a gym, and a jogging circuit. But it is not just modern sports infrastructure, it is also the park’s past that lures. It dates back to 1149 when the Bishop of Viseu bought Fontelo Estate. If in the past it was the preserve of the Viseu elite, now the green space is open to everyone, so make it here to uncover its natural beauty.


Book Tours & Experiences in Viseu

What makes Viseu special

Have you dreamed of a scenic locale with plenty of architecture, art, and natural beauty? Then Viseu is a place for you. Steeped in history it is home to great museums that attest to its glorious past. The area around it is the birthplace of Portugal’s first king, Alfonso Henrique, and saw a number of important historical personae such as Viriathus a Lusitanian leader who rebelled against the Romans.

It is also famous for its delectable food and is a great place to drink one of the most prized varieties of Portuguese wine, Dao, from the nearby region of Dao.

What to eat in Viseu

Have you been thinking about what to eat in Viseu? The answer is Viseu has something for everyone. For breakfast, you can have yummy Portuguese desserts and steaming hot morning coffee at Viseu bakeries and cafeterias. For lunch, you can have a sip of delectable Dao with Portuguese soups such as chourico, whereas in the evening you can have sumptuous dinner in its restaurants with the roasted meat and good Dao wine.

Note that Viseu is renowned for its delectable meat produce and great wine.

When to visit Viseu

Traveling to Viseu is most pleasant from May to October when there is plenty of sunshine and the temperature is warm. Nevertheless, it is also nice to visit Viseu at Christmas when its town center is garlanded with the Christmas spirit. Don’t miss out on its magic Christmas market.


Viseu is one of the best places in Portugal to combine pristine nature, splendid architecture, ambrosial food and punchy Dao wine. It is also one of the best places to discover the Beiras (Beira Alta and Beira Baicha) and is a great place to escape the hustle and bustle of civilization to enjoy its laid-back vibe.

⬇️What are your favorite activities in Viseu? Let us know in the comments below⬇️

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