Entering Portugal

Written By Francesca Pisanu

[Updated on 1 July]

Entry Requirements can vary greatly during the Covid-19 pandemic. We do our best to update these as new information is released, but please confirm travel eligibility with Government issued information here.

Entry Requirements for Travelers to Portugal

 Passport RequiredReturn Ticket RequiredVisa Required
EUSee belowNoNo

Depending on your country of origin, you may need a passport, visa or simply your national ID card to enter Portugal.

Traveling with a Passport 

EU citizens within the Schengen area are able to enter the country simply by exhibiting their ID card – which is mandatory when flying, for example, but may not always be asked for when entering via land. Passports are of course valid as well, while no visa or return ticket is required.

International travelers (outside EU) must provide a valid passport with at least six months’ validity, as well as proof of sufficient funds to cover their stay. A return ticket is recommended but not compulsory.

Traveling with a Visa

European citizens do not need a visa to enter Portugal, however should their stay be longer than 90 days they will need to apply for a residence permit.

Citizens of non-EU countries mentioned in the table above do not need a visa for a stay of up to 90 days in any 180 day window if they are traveling with the purpose of visiting friends or family, for business reasons, or to attend cultural and sports events. If the purpose of travel is different, it is recommended to check with the respective embassies or consulates in order to obtain correct information.

Nationals of countries not mentioned above may be able to visit Portugal and other Schengen countries for up to 90 days. More detailed entry requirements can be checked here when planning your trip.

Traveling During the COVID-19 Pandemic

As the Coronavirus pandemic evolves, so do entry requirements for Portugal. The local government has implemented a series of public health measures to protect citizens and visitors alike.

Entering Portugal

A digital certificate with full vaccination or a negative Covid-19 test is no longer required to enter Portugal! You can travel to Portugal without a test or proof of vaccination.

Covid-19 Rules in Portugal

Most COVID-19 restrictions in Portugal have been lifted. For mainland Portugal and the Azores, you ONLY need to wear a mask in public transport, taxis as well as when visiting nursing homes and health facilities. You do not need to wear a mask in restaurants, bars, shopping malls, etc. 

In Madeira, the mask rules are slightly different. The use of a mask is mandatory for people over the age of 6 in the following scenarios:

  • Health facilities and services, including pharmacies;
  • In public transport, taxis and similar passenger transport;
  • Platforms and covered access areas to public transport, including airports and maritime terminals;
  • In confirmed cases of COVID-19, in all circumstances, whenever the person is out of the location of isolation, until the 10th day after the onset of symptoms or a positive test result.

According to an update by DGS on July 7 to norm 004/2020, here are the full Covid-19 isolation updates:

  • People with asymptomatic infection or mild illness: 5 days
  • People with asymptomatic infection or mild illness, hospitalize or in an elderly residence: 7 days
  • People with moderate illness: 10 days
  • People with serious illness: 20 days or 10 days with a negative rapid antigen test
  • People with serious immunosuppression: case by case basis decided by medical professionals

It is also no longer necessary to quarantine after being in contact with someone with COVID. You do not need to provide an EU Covid Digital Certificate when entering a restaurant, club, or bar, meaning you no longer need a vaccine or test to enter these locations.

Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, we advise you to always check with your embassy or consulate for advice on your trip. You will also find useful information here. SEF (Portuguese entity for borders control) also has up-to-date information we recommend checking before traveling, as well as this official European website.

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  1. Are Indian nationals living in USA on work visa allowed to travel to Portugal with a Schengen visa?
    I have tried contacting the embassy here in US but did not get a response and not able to find this information anywhere.

  2. To travel to the Azores, I need to complete a Questionnaire. When I click on the link, I see the requirements but cannot find a link to a questionnaire? Where is the questionnaire link?

    • Hi Patrick! After clicking the link, you must select your airline at the bottom of the page and that will take you to the questionnaire after you fill in your flight information. Let me know if this works for you.

  3. Hi, I am due to enter Portugal by sea, early April, on a cruise ship, and can see that the rules are the same as for by air, however, the Passenger Locator Form does not seem really fit for the purpose by sea, as the questions ie flight number, seat number, where (hotel etc) are you staying are not fully applicable.
    Yes I can input the ship name, my cabin number, and my port of call, but it mentions that all questions are mandatory. Can you please advise what information I am required to complete in each field?

    • Hi Jane,

      I recommend contacting your local Portuguese embassy as I cannot find the answer to your question. Sorry about that!

  4. Lara
    If you have a Canadian passport but enter Portugal from South Africa via Frankfurt will they be alliwed in Portugal ?

    • I would suggest contacting an embassy. However, since Croatia is not yet part of Schengen, Croatian visas do not give you the right to enter a Schengen country.

  5. Hi Lara, great that you are replying to each and everyone. Do you have an updated version of those coming from Australia to Portugal? My sister lives in Melbourne and wishes to come and finally visit us in the Algarve, but we both cannot find a satisfactory and official answer. Muito obrigada!

  6. We are entering Portugal via air on 4/8. We are fully vaccinated & boosted (and have our card). Do we still need COVID test to enter? If so, 48 or 72 hours before entering?

  7. We are traveling to Madeira from 13-20 April. My daughter’s passport expires in June. We are EU citizens/ Ireland passport holders. I understand passport validity requirements for EU citizens is up until return date. Does this apply to Madeira? Will we have any problems passing through customs/airport or with airline staff with her passport? Thank you.

    • Hi Francis! Since Madeira is fully integrated into the EU as an autonomous region of Portugal, the same rules apply. You are unlikely to have problems but maybe contact your airline if you are unsure.

  8. We are from Singapore and planning to travel by land (bus) from Santiago De Compostela to Lisbon in May. May I know if also subject to ““essential travel” only? Please advise.

    • Technically, since you are coming from Spain, you are allowed in and no border control exists by land. This is still a loophole so I would recommend contacting the Portuguese authorities here so you are 100% sure you are in the clear https://eportugal.gov.pt/en/cidadaos-europeus-viajar-viver-e-fazer-negocios-em-portugal/viajar-para-portugal

      Also, “it is mandatory to present the EU COVID Digital Certificate. Citizens who are not holders of the Digital Covid EU certificate in vaccination, test, or recovery modalities, will have to present proof of a negative RT-PCR test (TAAN), performed in the last 72 hours, or rapid antigen test (TRAg), performed in the last 24h.”

  9. Hey I’m Traveling to Portugal from Armenia, do you know about covid restriction? do I need valid vaccine certification for 6 months? I want to enter to Portugal on May 1st and come bake to Armenia on May6, My vaccination 6 month will expire on May 12. Is it ok?

    • Hi Vahag!

      First, make sure you are going for “essential” travel as Armenia is not on the non-essential travel list. “Essential travel is defined as trips allowing the transit, entry into and departure from Portugal for professional purposes, study, family reunions, health and humanitarian reasons and under the reciprocity principle”.

      About your vaccine, all should be good if your vaccine expires on May 12. However, make sure that you have your full vaccine schedule and all the doses completed. I recommend contacting the airline to make sure all is in order. You can also check out the official government website about COVID-19 restrictions here https://www.visitportugal.com/en/content/covid-19-measures-implemented-portugal

  10. Hi, I’m travelling to mainland Portugal on 14th May ‘22 returning 21st May. My passport is 10 years old on 05/09/22 and expires on 05/02/23, I believe this is within the rules allowing me to travel?

    • Hi Matt,

      So your passport will be 10 years old before you travel to Portugal? The passport needs to be less than 10 years old on the day you enter. The expiry date is fine, but the date of issue could be a problem. Contact your airline to clarify the issue.

      • Hi Lara, my passport won’t be 10 years old until 3 months after I return home from Portugal.

        I return home 21 May 22, my passport is 10 years old on 5 September 22, I think this makes it ok?


  11. I am flying to Portugal from the Uk 22nd May, return on 25th May. I have a Spanish passport that expires 11th June. I cannot renew it as the Spanish consulate is on strike. Can I travel with it without 3 months validity as it is EU passport even though I’m travelling from UK?

    • I would not advise traveling without a valid passport. Even though they are on strike, you should call the Spanish embassy in the UK and ask whether they would consider issuing an emergency passport.

      • Thanks Lara. It will be valid for 2 weeks after I return. I know for EU citizens the rules are different and the passport juts has to be valid for the length of stay, as opposed to 3 months for UK citizens. The question really was which rules apply to me as I travelling from the UK. The Spanish embassy are only dealing with emergencies for Spaniards in the UK. Thank you for the response ☺️

  12. I am a Zambian national who lives in Cambodia, for 7 seven years now, working with UN. i want to travel to Portugal on 12 April to visit my daughter for 16 days only. I am fully vaccinated, with AstraZeneca 2 doses, Pfizer, 3rd dose. Am I allowed to enter Portugal?

  13. If I just have a layover (in transit) in Portugal for a few hours, does my passport need to be valid for 6 months?

    And the vaccination certificate from the USA is valid correct?

    • Hi Victoria,

      I recommend contacting your airline. In theory, this should not be an issue, but if something happens and you need to leave the airport this could be a problem. A USA vaccination certificate is valid, yes.

  14. I am sorry to ask this but it is a bit confusing and we really need to know. We are traveling from the USA, USA citizens, and going to Portugal. We are both vaccinated with a booster. Do we need to get a PCR or antigen test before we leave the USA? I have read that if vaccinated with a booster we do not need a test. Will Portugal accept our vaccination card from the USA? Thanks, Jim

  15. I am a US citizen traveling from the US to Senegal for 5 days and then had plans to travel from Senegal to Portugal but am now concerned I will not be allowed entry because I am coming from Senegal. Is it only those with Senegalese passports who are not allowed entry or anyone traveling from Senegal. I am fully vaccinated and have a US vaccination card.

  16. Hi Lara,

    Its good to know that you reply to everyone’s query !!! My question is : I have Portuguese PR card that allows me to travel to all EU countries but i have Pakistani Passport. Will i be allowed to enter Lisbon as i will be coming from Pakistan to Spain for 4 days then Lisbon for 2 days ??

  17. My husband and I are traveling to Portugal from the US but will change planes in Munich. I’ve filled out a passenger locator form with information for the first leg of the trip but not the second, which actually gets us from Munich to Lisboa and there does not seem to be an option for that. So I’ve probably provided the wrong information. What now?

  18. Hello Lara,
    My aunt and nephew, both Indian nationals are going to Edinburgh for a golf tournament after which they would like to visit us. Can they travel to Portugal?

    • Hi Pamela,

      I do not see why not since they are traveling from the UK. However, it is mandatory to present:
      Mandatory to present:
      – A valid vaccination EU Digital COVID Certificate (with a complete vaccination schedule or with a complete vaccination schedule and a vaccine booster)
      – Or a valid test or recovery EU Digital COVID Certificate,
      – Or a valid vaccination certificate (with a complete vaccination schedule or a vaccine booster) or recovery certificate issued by a third country, under reciprocal conditions
      – Or a negative RT-PCR Test (or similar NAAT test) – 72h before boarding, or
      – Or a negative Laboratorial Rapid Antigen Test- 24h before boarding (according to the European Commission list)

      Do check here if there vaccine is valid for entry. https://www.visitportugal.com/en/content/covid-19-measures-implemented-portugal

  19. Is there a QR code / Form necessary for US citizens entering Portugal? Is the CDC vaccination card an acceptable form of proof of vaccine? Thank you!

  20. Hi we are going on a Douro River cruise in June 2023. My passport was issued August 2016 and expires May 2027. There will be under 10 years left when we travel. will entry be allowed, as I understand some airlines will not allow travel.

  21. Hi my daughters has an irish passport we travel to Portugal in August 2022, her passport runs out April 2023 how can i find out if this is ok?

  22. Hello,

    My brother and I are fully vaccinated Canadians (triple vaxxed) entering Portugal on May 4 to get to Spain. We return to Portugal on May 8 to catch our flight back to Canada.

    Does Portugal accept Canadian Vaccination Certificates for entry? Or do we require Negative PCR or Lab Antigen tests?

    I’m reading conflicting information on the web. It says Canada is not listed as an approved third party country issuing under reciprocal conditions.

    Any information/clarity would be great!

    • Hi Ravinder,

      I recommend contacting your airline as the information available on this is conflicting, as you have said.

  23. hello,
    I am travelling back to Canada from Spain on May 1st with a transit in Portugal for a few hours. I am fully vaccinated with booster late November.
    1. Do I still need an antigen test. My husband and kids (who travelled 3 days ago) said that has been lifted. Is that true?
    2. do I still need to fill the passenger locator form for Portugal.

    I dont have a travel agency to ask, is there a Portuguese site to answer these questions if you are not able to answer?

    Thank you very much!


  24. My husband and I will be traveling to Portugal later this month from the US. We are US citizens and have vaccination cards which show that we are fully vaccinated and boosted. Do we need to take an Antigen test 24 hours before we travel? Thank you.

  25. Hello, we are hoping to travel to Portugal on 18th May. My friend will get his second vaccine today (4th May) around 12.00h, and we arrive into Portugal by air around 21.00h. So we arrive on the 14th day of his vaccine schedule, plus maybe nine hours. Will this be permitted for entry – it is technically just over 14 whole days, but we don’t want to be turned away at the airport? Many thanks for your help.

  26. Could you confirm how long a British passport needs to be valid for a visit to Madeira?
    The gov.uk website says it’s 3 months but I think I’ve been told 6 months in the past, so can you confirm the latest requirement?

  27. Hello. I am a US citizen.. traveling from US to Portugal (mainland). 9 June 22. I am fully vaccinated… have received three shots. My third shot was 6 months ago. I have a card from the CDC proving this information. Does this count as a valid vaccination certificate? I would tend to believe that the answer is ‘yes.’ I have an official card from the CDC verifying that I have had two vaccine shots plus a booster. However… the travel requirements are slightly confusing. I ask here to double check to see if I am correct. It would appear that I also need a valid vaccination EU Digital Covid Certificate. Am I correct?
    Thank you in advance.

  28. Hi, Lara,
    Thanks for answering so many questions. I did check the VisitPortugal site and it doesn’t say the USA is a reciprocal 3rd party unless I missed it? So anyone coming from the USA should get a test.

    We fly into Warsaw for the night and then through Spain before Lisbon. We’ll will be right at 72 hours as our test is at 3pm on June 1 (losing 8 hours from USA time) when we land in Spain on June 4th at 2:35pm. I wonder if we’ll be ok with the airline Tap Portugal if we get to the gate a little after 3pm?

  29. Hello Lara,

    We are from USA, coming to Portugal from Switzerland through Spain. I see that Portugal is not reciprocal with US so we will need to take a test. For a different trip this year we used the Navica App from Abbott. This is a proctored covid test that is done over zoom and then you are provided with a QR code. will this work for Portugal or is there a specific test that is necessary?



  30. Morning Lara
    i have just been on the website you recommend to check rules regarding travel from UK by air to see if we need PCR test but it says last updated 19th March?? the travel agent says they think? you still have to do one but someone we no who was there last week says they have stopped doing tests now and she wasnt asked for any tests
    is their a more up to date site we can check or phone

  31. Hi Lara, we are planning a trip to Lisbon next year on March 6, 2023 to March 16, 2023. My only concern is my daughter who will be 15 her passport expires on September 25, 2023, it is 6 months before expiration. Do I need to renew her passport?

  32. We are travelling to Lisbon on July 8th. We get out boosters on Tuesday, which is 11 days before we arrive in Portugal. Will we have to provide a negative Covid test? The guidelines I have read so do not indicate how long before the booster considered valid.

  33. Hello Lara, my daughter is US national with Swiss residency card, we all leave in Switzerland (work permit B). We plan to go to Madeira for holidays July 2022, but noticed her passport expires in September 2022. Do you foresee any issue entering Portugal.
    Thank you,

  34. Is the info about masks updated? Someone in a FB group wrote me that he returned from Lisbon a few days ago and he didn’t have to use a mask neither in taxis nor in flights.

    • Hello! To travel to Portugal with a Mexican passport you do not need a visa (for up to 90 days). However, if you are unsure, you should always contact a Portuguese embassy.

  35. Hey I’m planning to visit Portugal in octomber. Im nationality Georgian, East Europe. I hold just Georgian passport and visited couple times Germany with no problem. so my question is if I could get to Germany with no problem at all, will I be able to visit lisabon via tourist purposes?

  36. Hi Lara,
    I am a Libyan leaving in Cardiff ,Wales/ UK
    And I have indefinite leave to remain.
    I am planing to travel to Djerba, Tunisia from Manchester through Lisbon, and my transit is a bit long it’s 20hr. I am not gonna leave the international airport area.
    My question is do I have to apply for a vise or I don’t need?
    Thanks a lot

  37. Hello
    What are passport requirements for entering Madeira from UK? I have read conflicting statements – some say valid for at least 3 months after the date you intend to leave the EU country you are visiting and some say valid for at least 6 months after the date you intend to leave the EU country you are visiting,
    Could you clarify current situation please. Thank you

  38. Hello Lara,

    I’m a Ghanaian national with a UK resident card transiting through Portugal to Ghana. Please i would like to know if I’ll need a transit visa to transit through Portugal to Ghana.
    Thank you.

  39. Hi Lara, we are visiting from the US in March. I have two children under the age of 3 traveling and we are getting their passports this week. It takes about 3-4 months to get the passports and I just read they must be valid for over 6 months to enter Portugal. Will it be an issue that my children’s passports will be less than that? Thank you!

    • Hi Courtney,

      The children’s passports must have at least 6 months of validity in terms of their expiry date. If they travel with brand new passports this is fine.

  40. I come from Hong Kong. Both my citizen card and Portugal passport expired. Can I go to Portugal with my Hong Kong SAR Passport? And then renew
    my expired citizen card and passport, can it be done?

    • Hi Stella,
      Without Portuguese documents you would technically need a tourist visa to visit Portugal (for up to 90 days). However, I would recommend contacting a Portuguese embassy about your case.

  41. This web page says 6 months validity on passport from date of departure. The US Portugal Embassy website says three months. Which is correct?

  42. Hey I have a silly question. So my husband is Portuguese and he wants to travel back home to Portugal. But his Portuguese passport is not valid. When he leaves Canada to go to Portugal does he need his valid Portuguese passport to travel or can he travel with an expired passport? He has an Portuguese identification card. Is that enough? He does not have a Canadian passport he will be travelling with a PR card to come back.

    • Hello! Not a silly question. From my understanding, he would need a valid passport, the Portuguese identification card is only valid within the European Union.

  43. I have a US Green card and hold an Indian passport. I plan on visiting Morocco from US and there is a stopover in Lisbon both ways. Do I need a transit visa in Lisbon?


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