Masks no longer mandatory in Portugal with exceptions

Written By Lara Silva

The government announced on Thursday that face masks are no longer mandatory, with exceptions. Masks are still mandatory in two types of situations, in places frequented by vulnerable people such as in nursing homes and hospitals, as well as in locations that are difficult to air out and that have a high level of utilization such as public transport. Students are no longer required to wear masks in schools.

However, the measure only comes into place after the President approves it, but should be ready to go by the weekend. The state of alert has also once again been extended until May 5th, although it was set to end on Friday.

The Minister of Health, Marta Temido says that the covid-19 situation is progressing positively and that although the pandemic is not over, the current conditions allow for no longer making mask use mandatory in all situations.

Moreover, the rules surrounding covid-19 testing have been alleviated as testing will only occur in cases determined by the Directorate-General of Health of Portugal. A covid-19 certification is also no longer required in health services.

Marta Temido has stated that “the pandemic is not over” and there is a possibility that measures change once again. She told CNN Portugal, “If a new variant appears, there are unpredictabilities that we cannot master. In a new change of season, we will need to adapt our behaviors”.

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