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Having a hard time figuring out where to go in Portugal? Lisbon should be your first stop. A must-see, Lisbon is one of the...

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Everything you need to know before traveling to Portugal Planning to travel to Portugal? As the oldest country in Europe, Portugal has a culturally rich...


Sintra: The Crown Jewel of the Portuguese Riviera Sitting just 14 miles outside of Lisbon, Sintra is a charming municipality in the Portuguese Riviera. The...


With its reputation of a fishermen's town, an industrial past and rugged vibes, Olhão has recently spruced up its image of a tourist destination....


Have you ever dreamed of reaching the end of the world? If so, head to Nazare, a seaside town in Portugal. Located on Portugal’s...


Gateway to the Algarve and often overlooked by visitors, the capital city of the southernmost  region of Portugal ticks all the boxes on your...

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Portuguese Wine

Wine has been produced in the Iberian Peninsula for a myriad of centuries, grapevine having been originally cultivated four thousand years ago by the...

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Entering Portugal

Entry Requirements can vary greatly during the Covid-19 pandemic. Please confirm travel eligibility with Government issued information here. Entry Requirements for Travelers to Portugal   Passport Required Return...

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The Portuguese Colonial Empire

The Portuguese Colonial Empire was one of the longest-lived empires in European History. Starting in the beginning of the “Age of Discovery”, with the...

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