The 9 Best Cocktail Bars in Lisbon

Written By Becky Gillespie

Lisbon’s cocktail bar scene is a lot more varied than you might think. The friendly Lisbon vibes combined with its amazing weather and relaxed pace of life have charmed many a visitor into moving here – sight unseen or only weeks after their first visit. More and more of these new new Lisboetas are stoking the cocktail fire that is burning bright in our city of light. From an Irish whiskey connoisseur to the Louisiana bayou to Lisbon from the 1920s, come along with us as we explore nine of Lisbon’s top cocktail bars. 

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1. Onda Cocktail Room

Let’s start with what we consider the very best in the city – Onda Cocktail Room. Owned and operated by Peter O’Connor, a former bar expert for Bar Rescue TV Show and a former Master of Whisky at Diageo, Onda Cocktail Room has a 5-star rating on Google and concocts some of the city’s most inventive and complex cocktails. The depth of flavor is accentuated by the friendly banter with Peter and wife Joana, who will immediately make you feel at home. Do yourself a favor and be sure to try the Nikkei Milk Punch while you’re there.

2. 146 Bar

146 Bar, right along the main tourist corridor between Cais do Sodré and Praça do Comércio, serves up exotic cocktails in an easy to access location. Despite its proximity to the tourist spots, we believe that this is still under the radar. Try one of the Seven Deadly Sins drinks and don’t be surprised if your drink comes in an unique vessel. The delicious drinks are paired with a cozy atmosphere to make sure you have an unforgettable night – one that you will be excited to repeat. 

3. Quattro Teste

In the shadow of the Castelo de São Jorge lies another cocktail lover’s dream – Quattro Teste, which means “Four Tests” in Italian. This intriguing mix of Basque and Italian culture serves up a smashing range of innovative drinks along with an astute ability to find the perfect drink for each guest. As part of the Italian concept, the bar also specializes in vermouth. Enjoy the Basque bites and experience art in its liquid form at its maximum splendor.

4. The Royal Vessel

Tucked away off a side street in Principe Real is the Royal Vessel, a beautifully moody and eclectic cocktail bar best described as book-loving maritime explorer. Vibe along to the lounge-style playlists and meet regulars and tourists alike. The menus here are tucked into old books and candles provide gentle lighting to the space. Come for the drinks and stay for the atmosphere. For something special here, try the “Aviation,” a 100+ year-old cocktail recipe that almost vanished into obscurity.

5. Fox Trot

Fox Trot is a quick three-minute walk from The Royal Vessel but a world away in terms of atmosphere. This is a speakeasy style cocktail bar that requires you to ring the doorbell to enter. It serves classic cocktails from a refined menu surrounded by vintage decor, and you can even play billiards if you so desire. Come here more for the unique environment rather than the complexity of the drinks.     

6. Procópio

Procópio is timeless classic hidden in Campo de Ourique. You have to know that this place is here to be able to find it. Once you do, you are in for an intimate treat as walking into this bar truly transports you back in time to the 1920s. Sit in one of its comfortable corners and delve deep into conversation with your significant other. We suggest trying the drink that gave the bar its name – the Procópio, served with a green cherry on top. This is a place to be quiet and thoughtful as you imbibe, not a place to be drunk.

7. The Bayou

One of the newest additions to the Lisbon scene, The Bayou is owner Raegan Rivers’s love letter to her home state of Louisiana. Located at the edge of Principe Real, the Bayou offers classic and inventive cocktails from New Orleans surrounded by green, gold, and Mardi Gras beads. Don’t be surprised if you spot an alligator at the bar or walk out with some new friends. Try the Hurricane or the Ramos Fizz. You won’t be disappointed.

8. Matiz Pombalina Cocktail Bar

Located in the trendy neighborhood of Santos, Matiz Pombalina Cocktail Bar is run by a charming man named Manuel who has created a stylish and cozy place to get to know someone better. Sink into a comfortable chair and savor sumptuous sips or go on a cocktail-tasting extravaganza. Press the buzzer at the entrance to gain entry and have a wonderful time. 

9. Freaky Tiki Rum Shack Bar

And now for something completely different: Freaky Tiki Rum Shack Bar in Alcântara, only a 6-minute walk from the LX Factory. This is the kind of bar where it is small enough that all customers may quickly become friends – especially with the bartender Aris. Escape to the Caribbean or the South Pacific as soon as you breeze through the doors. This is best visited with a few friends when you’re ready for vacation vibes and in a social mood. Trust us, you’ll forget you’re in Lisbon.

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