The 8 Best Cocktail Bars in Porto

Written By Becky Gillespie

Although port is the drink of choice for Portugal’s second largest city, you can still find a wide range of options in Porto’s thriving cocktail bar scene. Take a break from the tawny and the ruby port and try a few different cocktail bars during your second day in Porto. We wouldn’t want you miss Porto’s most famous drink, but if you’re more of a cocktail kind of drinker, here are the 8 best cocktail bars to discover in Porto.  

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1. Curioso Cocktail Bar

Located right next to the Mercado Ferreira Borges and Palácio Bolsa, Curioso Cocktail Bar is set back from the main hustle and bustle of Porto and offers creative cocktails accented with subtle flavors. The warm and refined setting with a touch of the Orient invites you to sit back, relax, and then immediately plan your return. Expect impeccable service and a nice selection of snacks to pair with your drinks. We suggest sitting inside rather than outside to be fully immersed in the experience.

2. Onterrace Cocktail Bar

This place is so proud of their outside terrace that they named the bar after it, so you already know where to sit. Sink down into one of the cozy loungers and grab yourself a Berry Spicy cocktail at a good price. While the drinks are nice, the atmosphere and more a is the highlight here. Don’t come expecting drinks that will blow your mind.

3. Torto

Think dark, disco, neon, and ivy when you picture Torto. The super friendly staff will serve you water before you even need to ask (for free, which is not always so easily done in Europe). Try the Peanut M or the Purple Rayah cocktails for their unique flavors. Be advised that this place does get loud and quite crowded so go to a place like Curioso if you’re looking for a more intimate setting.

4. Meridians and Parallels

Slightly out of Porto’s center near Heroísmo metro station is the intriguingly named Meridians & Parallels. This is a place to go when you want to meet a quirky mix of locals and travelers from around the world. Not only is Meridians & Parallels open on Sundays (when many bars are not), it is also open until 2 am every evening. Don’t expect innovative, groundbreaking drinks. Do expect good fun, good music, and good neighbors. If you’re traveling solo, this is the best bar to visit and immediately feel welcome. The inviting staff can make drinks off the menu and will do their best to accommodate you.   

5. Cais Nobre

Looking for a place to drink during the day? Why not head on over to the new Cais Nobre on the banks of the Douro River with great views of the Arrábida Bridge? The theme here is a tribute to the explorers of Portugal. Order a delicious tapa and try the O Navegador (the Navigator) served with chocolate or the Vasco served with half of a passionfruit served filled with homemade ice cream! Day or night, this place is a delight.

6. Estúdio Arte Bar

Estudio Arte Bar comes with a wonderful story, as it was created in honor of the owner/bartender’s father who used to run a photo studio here. Give the owner a few of your favorite flavors and he can create a unique drink for you that comes with a Polaroid to take home as a memory. The ode to the former photo studio continues over the bar where photo umbrellas hang and in the dark room turned bathroom. Start your evening here and you won’t be disappointed.

7. Eddie’s.Klub

Whisk yourself away to Eddie’s.Klub if you’re a whisky lover in Porto. With an inventory of over 100 whiskys from all over the world, this place is a whisky lover’s dream. Eddie and João can pour you some nice drams or even a tasting flight if you prefer. The knowledge about whisky is so deep here that you may finally become a convert after spending some time with Eddie. If you don’t want to dram away the hours, wine and other cocktails are also available.

8. The Royal Cocktail Club

The Royal Cocktail Club is hit or miss with some guests, but it remains on the Top 50 Bars in the EU list, so it might just be your vibe. Because of the bar’s fame, don’t expect the service to be as personal as some of the other cocktail bars in Porto. Do expect innovation and interesting renditions on classic cocktails. Try the Pistachio Moscow Mule or the Raspberry Fizz. If you’re looking for some of the best cocktails in Porto, look no further.

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