New Lisbon speed radars generate more than 5 million euros in a month

Written By Lara Silva

Over 38,000 fines were attributed in the first 30 days of the new speed radars in Lisbon. These new 41 speed radars across the city generated at least 5.1 million euros in fines. The fines range between 120 and 1,500 euros. 

Most drivers going above the speed limit were caught in Avenida Lusiada, Avenida Padre Cruz, and Avenida Infante Dom Henrique. There were 38,018 fines attributed, representing an average of 1,267 speed infractions a day in the capital.

Of all fines in Lisbon, 34,745 were considered serious and 3,456 very serious.

A serious infraction can lead to a fine between 120 to 600 euros, with a driving sanction between one month to a year. A serious infraction refers to going above the speed between 20 to 40 kilometers an hour above the speed limit.

A very serious infraction can lead to a fine between 300 to 1,500 euros, with a driving sanction that can lead up to two years. Driving between 40 to 60 kilometers an hour above the speed limit, this is considered a very serious infraction. 

With these values, CNN Portugal predicts that the minimum amount the new speed radars generated in less than a month is 5.1 million euros. This calculation was made with the minimum fine amount of 120 euros (serious) and 300 euros (very serious). Therefore, it is very likely that the fine value is way above this prediction.

 However, the municipality of Lisbon did not want to publicize the amount generated from the fines. The entity also reminded the public that some of these infractions might belong to ambulances or police vehicles in emergencies. 

The largest infraction recorded was in Segunda Circular near the gas station Repsol, with an infraction of 240 kilometers an hour recorded. This speed is 120 kilometers an hour over the maximum speed allowed on Portuguese highways. 

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