6 Best Neighborhoods to Live in Porto

Written By Lara Silva

With a growing international community, Porto is a welcoming city for expats, a population that keeps on growing. But any move can be frightening, particularly when it comes to finding a new home. Where should you live in Porto?

This will depend on what’s most important to you: an extremely central location or a larger apartment for a lower price. Whether you have a large family or want the city lifestyle also impacts where you should live in Porto. 

To figure out the best scenario for you, let’s take a look at the 6 best neighborhoods to live in Porto

Expat Guide: Moving to Porto

1. Ribeira

Located on the riverbank of the Douro, Ribeira is one of the most popular places to live in Porto. Ribeira has both a lively nightlife and delicious restaurants, as well as quieter areas to enjoy a walk.

Ribeira also offers views of the Douro river, Dom Luis I Bridge, and Vila Nova de Gaia, some of the best views in Porto. Ribeira is the most popular area amongst expats so you will find a strong international community here.

The average price per m2 to purchase a house in São Nicolau (the parish to which Ribeira belongs) in December 2022 was 3,906€/m2. To rent, it costs an average of 19.3€/m2. 

Photo by Tomas Evaristo (Unsplash)

2. Cedofeita

Cedofeita is a trendy neighborhood close to the most iconic monuments in Porto. Cedofeita is also located in the art district of Porto, filled with art galleries and concept stores, catering to a younger trendy crowd. 

This is the perfect place for a young creative to live in. You will also be close to the Crystal Palace Gardens and other green spaces. Cedofeita also has a great transport system and has seen demographic change with more expats motiving to the neighborhood.

The average price per m2 to purchase a house in Cedofeita in December 2022 was 3,906€/m2. To rent, it costs an average of 19.3€/m2. 

Cedofeita, Porto. Photo by Pedro Menezes (Unsplash)

3. Paranhos

Paranhos is the largest parish in Porto and one that provides affordable housing close to the city center, Known as a university area, Paranhos has loads of student residencies and rooms to rent in this region. However, it is also a great family neighborhood with a large network of markets, stores, and restaurants. 

Paranhos is located near the Polo university metro, providing a great public transport network. You will also be a few minutes away from libraries and the hospital, which is incredibly convenient. 

The average price per m2 to purchase a house in Cedofeita in December 2022 was 2,920€/m2. To rent, it costs an average of 11.8€/m2.

4. Foz do Douro

Foz do Douro is the perfect place to live if you want to be near nature, but not too far from the city. Located in Western Porto, Foz do Douro faces the ocean and features apartments with stunning views of the Atlantic ocean. 

There are has numerous green spaces, such as Parque Serralves, as well as some of the best seafood restaurants in Porto. However, Foz do Douro is one of the most expensive areas to live in.

The average price per m2 to purchase a house in Foz do Douro in December 2022 was 4,193€/m2. To rent, it costs an average of 15.8€/m2. 

Foz do Douro. Photo by Rui Alves (Unsplash)

5. Vila Nova de Gaia

Located south of the city of Porto, on the other side of the Douro river lies the city of Vila Nova de Gaia. Known for its Port cellars, gardens, and astonishing views, Gaia is a great place to live, away from the hustle and bustle of the city, while still remaining close. 

Porto has a larger public transportation network than Vila Nova de Gaia. Forget the metro and trams. However, the bus system is still pretty efficient. The cable cars also allow you to commute to certain areas while enjoying beautiful views. Still, having a car here will be very helpful. 

The average price per m2 to purchase a house in Vila Nova de Gaia in December 2022 was 2,031€/m2. To rent, it costs an average of 8.6€/m2. 

6. Matosinhos

Want to be close to the water but with more affordable prices than Foz do Douro? The beach town of Matosinhos might be the right place for you. Matosinhos is known for having the largest beach close to Porto, as well as delicious seafood.

The morning fish market sells fresh fish every day at the port and you can also taste the finest fish dishes at seafood restaurants.

You will find everything you need and more in Matosinhos, including quality schools, parks, supermarkets, shopping, and more. 

The average price per m2 to purchase a house in Matosinhos in December 2022 was 2,898€/m2. To rent, it costs an average of 11.4€/m2. 

Photo by Pedro Menezes (Unsplash)

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