Lisbon Prices: Hotel room going for €70,000 a week for World Youth Day

Written By Lara Silva

A report by CNN Portugal found that Lisbon prices between July 31 and August 7 are through the roof due to World Youth Day (JMJ) and the Pope’s visit.

The media outlet found simple rooms in the center of Lisbon going for €1,000 a night, as well as apartments in Cascais, 30 minutes away, for over €4,000.

Various hotels are asking for over €12,000 for the week between July 31 and August 7, around €1,500 a night. More shockingly, one hotel is asking for €70,000 for 8 days, around €9,900 a night.

In Fatima, where fewer places are available, renting a three-bedroom apartment can cost around €8,000. The week before, similar apartments were going for €1,800.

The cheapest option for the week in Fatima is around €335 for a bed in a shared dorm with a shared bathroom. Four-star hotels in Fatima are going for €6,000 for the whole week.

World Youth Day Lisbon 2023, known as the Jornada Mundia da Juventude or JMJ in Portuguese, takes place in the Portuguese capital this year from August 1 to 6.

World Youth Day (WYD) is a Catholic pilgrimage event for young people from all over the world, which includes a visit by the Pope. 

The government has already been heavily criticized for its investment in World Youth Day, spending around 35 million euros on the event.

The costs of the alter-stage in which the Pope will stand shocked the nation, costing over 5 million euros.

However, many argue that this event will have a high economic return and that these expenses are justified.

When Spain hosted the event in 2011, 50 million euros were spent, with a return of 350 million euros.

However, no public spending was included in this investment, with the money raised by Catholics and private companies.

Guide to World Youth Day 2023

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  1. Is it World Youth Day … or the Pope?

    Either way, in my opinion it’s preposterous!

    Is this the way Christians — Catholics — should be spending their money? The Church is supposed to be the “body of Christ,” people coming together such that one loaf of bread feeds 5,000. Not another worldly financial empire.

    I cannot believe that this pope — THIS pope especially — would allow such malfeasance to occur under his watch. Is he clueless?

    As for the youth whom this day purportedly celebrates, how many unhoused, unfed, undernourished, exploited, abused, sick without hope of treatment children could these outrageous sums help?


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