SEF inspector accused of rape at Lisbon airport

Written By Lara Silva

A Portuguese Immigration and Border Service (SEF) inspector is under investigation by the Judiciary Police and the Investigation and Penal Action Department (DIAP) of Lisbon for the suspected rape of a foreign woman at Lisbon airport.

The alleged rape occurred at the same time that the Ukrainian Ihor Homeniuk was murdered by three other SEF inspectors in the Spring of 2020. 

The victim, a 35-year-old woman, has identified the inspector and told the police what happened. She landed in Lisbon and was suspected of wanting to stay in the Schengen area illegally rather than coming for tourism.

According to her account, she was transported in a vehicle alone with a SEF inspector to the Temporary Stay Center, where she was placed in a closed room without cameras. She was allegedly raped in this room by the accused SEF inspector in the same location where Ihor Homeniuk was murdered.

She was ashamed to speak up about the incident and was repatriated days later. In her home country, she told her boyfriend what happened. They later came back to Lisbon to report the rape and were collaborative throughout the investigation. 

CNN Portugal contacted the official source at SEF. They have not said whether the SEF inspector has been suspended. However, SEF did say that the case was a sexual harassment claim rather than rape.

Nevertheless, CNN says that it knows for a fact that the investigation underway is dealing with an alleged rape, as harassment is not even a crime in the Penal Code.

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