Personal data of 400,000 TAP clients possibly stolen by hackers

Written By Lara Silva

TAP Air Portugal has confirmed to CNN Portugal that it is aware of the hacking allegations circulating the deep web. In a post, the hacker group Ragnar Locker says it has stolen the personal data of over 400,000 TAP clients.

This allegation comes after TAP confirmed it had been the target of a cyberattack last Thursday.

Ragnar Locker said, “A few days ago, TAP Air Portugal made a press announcement confidently affirming that it has successfully solved a cyberattack and that data was not compromised (but we have reasons to believe that hundreds of gigabytes could be compromised).”

TAP told CNN Portugal it is aware of the online post and is investigating the situation. 

The hacker group alleges this could be “one of the largest information leaks” in the history of the aviation industry.

Such a data leak could prove costly to TAP if this is true. For example, Easyjet is facing a 180 million euro fine for a data leak of 400,000 clients in 2020. 

Another image in the Ragnar Locker hacking blog exposes personal information stolen in the cyberattack, including the names and addresses of TAP’s clients. 

TAP Air Portugal is the state-owned airline of Portugal and the largest in the country, accounting for more than 50% of arrivals and departures at the Lisbon Airport.

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