North African air dust warning in Portugal: Vulnerable people recommended to stay indoors

Written By Lara Silva

Dust coming from North Africa is negatively impacting the air quality in mainland Portugal, particularly the Alentejo, Algarve, and central Portugal.

The General Directorate of Health (DGS) recommends that vulnerable people stay indoors, particularly children, the elderly, cardiovascular patients, and those with chronic respiratory conditions.

The North African dust cloud began passing through Portugal on Monday and will remain throughout Tuesday.

DGS argues that this dust negatively impacts human health, particularly vulnerable people and thus care should be taken during this time to avoid this pollutant.

Along with those vulnerable staying indoors, DGS recommends that the general population limit physical activity outdoors and avoid risk factors such as tobacco smoke. 

Those with chronic illnesses should still continue with their medical treatments. If symptoms worsen, contact the Portuguese Healthline 24 at 808 24 24 24 or access a health service.

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