Immigrant population in Portugal increases to 750,000

Written By Lara Silva

For the seventh year in a row, the immigrant population in Portugal has increased, totaling 752,252 in 2022. According to the Immigration and Borders Service (SEF), there was an increase of 58,365 immigrants in comparison to the year prior, an 8.3% increase.

The largest growing immigrant populations in Portugal in the last year were from Brazil and India. The Brazilian community remains the largest immigrant population in Portugal, with over 230,000 people, a 13% increase since 2021.

The Indian community also increased by 13% to around 34,000 residents, making it the fourth-largest immigrant population in Portugal.

According to SEF, the 10 largest immigrant populations in Portugal are:

  1. Brazil (233,138)
  2. United Kingdom (36,639)
  3. Cape Verde (35,744)
  4. India (34,232
  5. Italy (33,707)
  6. Angola (30,417)
  7. France (27,614)
  8. Ukraine (26,898)
  9. Romania (23,967)
  10. Nepal (23,441)

Nepal took 10th place in 2022, taking over China’s place on the list of the largest immigrant populations in Portugal. 

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