Best Halloween Events and Parties in Porto 2022

Written By Lara Silva

While Halloween is not widely celebrated in Portugal, the country boasts a wide variety of night outs to celebrate this day. The city of Porto, in particular, offers an underground and electronic music scene to make this a night to remember. Those over 18 can experience the city’s nightlife to the fullest on this spooky night, with some events inviting international DJs renowned in the industry.

However, before we get into the best Halloween events and parties in Porto, let’s take a look at the general understanding behind Halloween in Portugal.

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Halloween in Portugal

Halloween is not as celebrated in Portugal as in the United States or the United Kingdom. You won’t find people dressing up for work in Halloween costumes.  

Trick or treating is not a large custom in Portugal on October 31st. Although it can happen in smaller gated communities with international populations, it is not so common in major towns and villages.

However, many Christian Portuguese still celebrate the Day of the Dead on November 1st to remember relatives they lost.

On this day, there’s a Portuguese tradition similar to trick or treating called “Bread for God.” This is where kids ask for “Pao-por-Deus” and receive candy and bread in exchange. This is a religious tradition and is thus not done by all Portuguese. 

4 Best Halloween Events and Parties in Porto 2022

Despite Portugal not being a country that highly celebrates Halloween, there are plenty of events to celebrate the occasion on a night out in Porto. Let’s take a look at the 4 best Halloween events and parties in Porto for 2022. 

1. October 31st at Plano B

Head to the iconic club Plano B to enjoy some electronic music from 10 pm to 6 am. This Halloween night’s lineup includes I. Jordan, Alfonsvs, Smash by Andre Tentugal, and Paulo Santos Rodrigo. 

Founded in 2006, Plano B is not just a club, but an interdisciplinary venue in Baixa focused on culture and entertainment. The entrance boasts long red curtains which open up to a Boho-Chic venue filled with different sofas, mirrors, and furniture that provide a retro environment. The club is split into two floors and three rooms with different atmospheres.

The main room is the Cubo club where house and techno DJs from all over the world play. The Palco room is where Plano B hosts concerts of all music genres. On the top floor, a cultural area hosts exhibitions of visual arts, design, architecture, dance, and more. Various iconic DJs have visited Plano B, such as Jamie XX, Peaches, Move D, and more.

2. NEOPOP Presents X Halloween Edition

On October 31, NEOPOP is again hosting an event at Super Bock Arena – Pavilhao Rosa Mato. Expect to see the following playing: Héctor Oaks, KAS:ST, Reinier Zonneveld live, Renato Ratier, VTSS, Biia, and Tiago Fragateiro. The event will be hosted at a large space used for shows, cultural events, congresses, and sports.

You might have heard of NEOPOP before. For the last 10 years, Neopop has been one of Portugal’s most well-known electronic music festivals, located in the town of Viana do Castelo in the region of Braga. This last summer, Neopop welcomed Paula Temple, Nina Kraviz, Dax J, DJ Nobu, and more. It is one of the best techno festivals in Portugal. 

3. Halloween with Cuartero at Industria

This year for Halloween, Porto’s Industria invites Cuartero to play on October 31 for some house and electronic groove. An electronic music club, Industria is the oldest club in Porto, open since 1986.

It is now equipped with a Funktion One sound system, one of the highest-quality loudspeaker systems for clubs and festivals. Industria has been a part of Porto’s nightlife for decades, bringing music to big audiences, from reggae fans to techno ravers. DJs such as Klin Klop, Mall Grab, Marrøn, and more have performed in Industria.

4. Halloween x Gate13 x Paula Temple x IMOGEN x Vera Grace

This last event is not technically in Porto, but it is worth the trip. It is hosted at Gate 13 in Barcelos, Braga, a 40-minute drive from Porto. The great Paula Temple, Imogen, Vera Grace, Natalie, and Dann B will be playing to make this a Halloween night out to remember. Paula Temple, in particular, is one of the most renowned DJs in the electronic music scene. Gate 13 features two floors, a bar and is the most popular techno club in Braga. 

Best Clubs in Porto


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