Best Halloween Events and Parties in Lisbon 2022

Written By Lara Silva

2022 wasn’t scary enough? Lisbon Halloween has got you covered! If you’re looking to take the edge off this Halloween, Lisbon boasts a variety of parties and night-outs throughout the city. Many of them are hosted in iconic clubs that have been around since the 90s, adding to a vibrant club scene, particularly when it comes to electronic music.

Before we get into the best Halloween events and parties in Lisbon, let’s take a look at the general understanding behind Halloween in Portugal.

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Halloween in Portugal

Halloween is not as celebrated as in the United States or the United Kingdom. You won’t find people dressing up for work in Halloween costumes.  

Trick or treating is not a large custom in Portugal on October 31st. Although it can happen in smaller gated communities with international populations, it is not so common in major towns and villages.

However, many Christian Portuguese still celebrate the Day of the Dead on November 1st to remember relatives they lost.

On this day, there’s a Portuguese tradition similar to trick or treating called “Bread for God.” This is where kids ask for “Pao-por-Deus” and receive candy and bread in exchange. This is a religious tradition and is thus not done by all Portuguese. 

5 Best Halloween Events and Parties in Lisbon 2022

Despite Portugal not being a country that highly celebrates Halloween, there are plenty of events to celebrate the occasion, particularly in Lisbon for those over 18. Let’s take a look at the 5 best Halloween events and parties in Lisbon for 2022. 

1. Brunch Electronik In-The City Lisboa – Halloween Party

Located in Pavilhao Carlos Lopes, Brunch Electronic In-The City Lisboa is a two-day electronic music party on October 29 and 31. This year, you will be dancing to the sounds of Nina Kraviz, Patrick Mason, Elli Acula, Jiggy, and Laura on the 31 of October.

For the first date, on October 29, Maceo Plex will be playing a 4-hour set, and others include Raxon, Nuno Lopes, and Kokeshi for a more deephouse night.

The location is a new one, a spot designed to be the Pavilion of Portuguese Industries in 1922 during the International Exhibition of Rio de Janeiro. Initial tickets started at €20, but after selling out with early releases, leftover tickets cost between €30 and €35 if you can still grab some.

The parties run until 6 am, and you are encouraged to wear your best Halloween costume.

2. LuxFragil

LuxFragil has a bunch of events for this Halloween weekend 2022. Founded in 1991 in Santa Apolonia, Lux Fragil is one of the most exclusive clubs in Lisbon and is renowned in Europe for its selection of electronic music DJs.

On Friday, Lux invites Vil, influenced by the musical aesthetic of late 90s early 200s raves, as well as Stranger. On Saturday, Ines Duarte, Rui Vargas, Funkamental, Pedro Ricardo, and Funkament will be playing. On Monday, October 31, HNRQ, Superpitcher, DJ Caring & Varela take the stage.

Their events are not Halloween-themed, but they will make it a night out to remember. However, we don’t recommend trying to get in with a full Halloween costume, they tend to be selective at the door when it comes to attire. No need to overdress though. 

3. REBELS Afterparty & Halloween Night at Kremlin

On Saturday, October 29, head to REBELS Afterparty at the club Kremlin. After dancing to Technasia, Stefano Noferini, Dub Tiger, Dexx e Undernoiz3, this afterparty has loads of allegedly special guests that have yet to be announced.

This event is great if you are looking for a more exclusive experience, with VIP tables starting at €150 for four people with one service bottle. 

On the 31st, Kremlin is also hosting a Halloween night with Miguel Rendeiro and Dave Oak, hosted by Dub Tiger. 

Founded in 1988 in Santos, Kremlin was once named the third-best club in the world during the 90s. An underground space for decades, Kremlin plays electronic music and hosts world-famous artists of the techno scene. 

4. HELL/WEEN 12H RAVE at Nada Temple

Up for a 12 hour have? Nada Temple is hosting a Halloween rave on October 31 for the brave. ØTTA will be playing, a London-based Portuguese producer, DJ, and co-founder of the collective and event series Орфей known for hard and distorted tecno accompanied by high-energy performance acts. Dj Dextro and A. Paul will also be playing, both of Portuguese origin.

Nada Temple is known as a place for the interpretation of are, representing a place where everyone can express themselves freely and without bias. 

5. Bashment: Halloween Carnival Edition at Village Underground Lisboa

A Halloween night in Lisbon is not just electronic music and techno. Village Underground Lisboa is hosting a Bashment party on October 31, bringing Don Andre, Fresh P, and No Trouble Sound. 

Village Underground is an international platform for culture and creativity that was founded in London in 2014, coming to Lisbon seven years later. Boasting both a large work space and a cultural space for shows, Village Underground is located near Lx Factory.

Advance tickets cost €10 and €15 at the door. Doors close at 6 am. 

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