UK issues Portugal travel warning due to fires

Written By Lara Silva

The United Kingdom issued new travel advice about Portugal due to the fires happening all over the country. On Monday, the website was updated to highlight the extremely high temperatures in Portugal and the current state of contingency.

The UK is warning that tourists can be prosecuted if they do not comply with the restrictions under the current state of contingency. Everyone must also follow the instructions of the civil protection and police.

The measures include a ban on:

  • Being in woodland areas, including forest, woodland, and rural trails
  • Burning garden and agricultural waste
  • Clearing agricultural land through burning
  • Using machinery in or near woodland areas (includes garden machinery)
  • Setting off fireworks of any kind

The UK website warns that there is a risk of fire in Portugal all over the country and that the Portuguese authorities may evacuate areas and close roads. 

The UK travel advice for Portugal includes visitors familiarizing themselves with local safety and emergency producers and remaining vigilant of any fires. Moreover, the advice warns that creating a fire is a criminal offense, even if this was not done intentionally. 

If you are traveling in Portugal during the summer period, you should familiarise yourself with local safety and emergency procedures, remain vigilant, and follow the advice of the Portuguese authorities. Causing a forest fire is treated as a criminal offense in Portugal, even if unintentional.

According to the Washington Post, the European Commission said on Monday that it had “mobilized its firefighting fleet to help Portugal fight destructive forest fires”. 

You can check out the official mainland fire danger map from IPMA here. 

If you are going to a beach, you must stay hydrated, wear sunscreen, and avoid direct sun exposure between 11 am and 5 pm, according to the National Maritime Authority. Physical activity should be avoided at all costs including indoor and outdoor sports.

If you see a fire call the emergency services at 112.

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