Portuguese government to create new work visa

Written By Lara Silva

The Portuguese government is creating a new visa that simplifies procedures for foreigners who want to work in Portugal. The new work visa allows foreigners to enter Portugal for six months and is also targeted at higher education students. Digital nomads will also be allowed to have a residence visa.

Ana Catarina Mendes, the Deputy Minister for Parliamentary Affairs said that the new visa would reduce bureaucracy and increase the validity of documents. The visa aims to “revitalize the job market, attracting more human resources”. 

When questioned by journalists, Ana Catarina Mendes said that “fiscal incentives are not expected, as well as other incentives other than a state that is more friendly to citizens and more simplified”.

When asked about whether the work visa will promote cheap labor, the Deputy Minister said that the goal of the current government is to increase the minimum wage “for all that arrive here and are already here”. 

The visa includes good news for families that want to move to Portugal. Until now, a foreign citizen would need legal status to bring family over to Portugal. With this work visa, the family of the citizen can move right away. 

The visa will still need to be debated in parliament. Therefore, it is still unclear who will be eligible for the visa. However, Ana Catarina Mendes said that the visa will “cover as many people that wish to come to Portugal”. 

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