Portugal with highest number of new covid cases in EU

Written By Lara Silva

According to Sic Noticias, Portugal remains the country in the European Union with the highest number of new cases of covid-19 per one million population, as well as the second in the world. 

The daily cases have risen from 2.290 per one million inhabitants last week to 2.580 today, followed by Spain with 449, Greece with 351, and Germany with 3380. Taiwan has the largest daily case average currently with 3.420, followed by Portugal, and then Singapore (1.460), Australia (1.440), New Zealand (1.360), and Panama (727).

The average daily deaths per one million inhabitants also remain the highest in Porto with 3,19, followed by Finland (2,99), Spain (2,15), and Ireland (1,72).

There are around 180,000 news cases of covid-19 in Portugal every week and the R(t) is close to 1, according to DGS. Between May 17 and 23, there were 230 deaths associated with covid-19, as well as an increase in admissions to intensive care. 

The regions of Lisbon and Vale do Tejo recorded the most cases, with Madeira and the Azores recording the least cases. People between the ages of 40 and 49 years had the highest number of cases, whereas children younger than 9 years old had the least infections. 

92% of the population has been vaccinated, with 62% having had the first booster and 1% having had the second booster. The second booster has only been given to those 80 and over, with 7% of those in that age group having received it. 

The “open house” strategy for vaccination is still in place. Those over 18 without a COVID-19 booster, those over 12 without the first COVID-19 dose, and those over 50 without a booster against the flu can get vaccinated without an appointment. To get vaccinated in Portugal, head to a vaccination point or a health center. 

Entering Portugal: Covid Restrictions & Current Measures

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