Portugal PM Antonio Costa promises to defend NATO countries

Written By Lara Silva

Prime Minister Antonio Costa announced on Tuesday that Portugal will defend NATO’s territory and that a collective defense strategy is the best way to support Ukraine. The announcement took place at the Military Camp of Santa Margarida in front of the armed forces that will go to Romania in service of NATO to defend the territory if necessary.

In April, 174 Portuguese military snipers will initially be sent to the South of Romania, the country bordering Ukraine. Later on, more Portuguese military and equipment will arrive in Romania, but the numbers and dates are still unknown.

However, the Prime Minister has stated that the Portuguese military will not act in Ukraine. He says the mission’s objective is to make sure that the Russian invasion does not extend into a NATO country. Portugal is currently on the Russian government’s list of hostile and unfriendly countries, along with all European Union member states. Portugal has imposed various economic sanctions against Russia and welcomed over 10,000 Ukrainian refugees.

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