Portugal could lift all COVID restrictions on April 3

Written By Lara Silva

The Directorate-General of Health of Portugal (DGS) has said that if Portugal reaches 20 deaths per one million inhabitants on April 3, all covid restrictions are likely to be lifted. This number is said to be a safe projection to lift restrictions, under the criteria of the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC). However, Graça Freitas the director of the DGS has said that the lifting of restrictions is not set in stone and the plan could be altered at any time.

The DGS is currently monitoring COVID variants to figure out if the plan to lift all restrictions in April will take place. Graça Freitas has also said that there might be a reduction of the isolation period for those infected with COVID, possibly to 5 days. However, this will depend on the infection rates and deaths in the next few weeks, as a subvariant of Omicron (BA.2) is becoming more dominant.

What are the COVID restrictions in Portugal?

For the time being, some covid restrictions have been lifted. High-risk contacts no longer need to quarantine, meaning you don’t have to quarantine after being in close contact with someone with COVID. The recommendation to work from home has been lifted. You also no longer need to provide an EU Covid Digital Certificate when entering a restaurant, club, or bar, meaning you no longer need a vaccine or test to enter these locations. However, you still need to show a certificate for traveling at border control, as well as when visiting a nursing home and ICU. You are still required to wear a face mask when traveling by public transport in Portugal as well as in indoor spaces such as concert halls and large shopping facilities.

We will be updating up-to-date COVID restrictions in Portugal as they are announced here. The Portuguese government also updates travel restrictions concerning covid here.

How many COVID cases are in Portugal?

There are 452,758 active covid infections as of Sunday, February 27. DGS registered 6,457 new infections and 38 deaths, as well as 102 people in the ICU.

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