Porto streets flooded this weekend

Written By Lara Silva

The heavy rain in Porto this weekend flooded various streets in the center of the city. This caused chaotic scenes across the city, including a completely flooded Sao Bento train station.

A video shared on social media even showed a person being dragged by the mood in Mouzinho da Silveira, as seen below.

The Portuguese Civil Protection has already warned on Monday that there is still a risk of flooding, including in Porto and Gaia, after “persistent rain” that led to “a significant increase in the flow of the Douro river.” 

The Douro river has reached “elevated figures,” which could cause flooding in “historically vulnerable areas.” The risk of flooding is predicted between 4:28 AM and 4:50 PM. 

People are to avoid these affected areas and not cross flooded zones, as well as adopt measures “to mitigate personal and material damage.”

Since the start of December, there have been waves of heavy rain in Portugal. On December 7, 2022, there were 450 incidents all over the country due to heavy rain and1 death due to a flooded basement. The most affected areas were Lisbon, Sintra, and Oeiras. 

Then, a week later, the Portuguese Civil Protection registered over 1,000 incidents in Portugal, mostly related to flooding. Over 30% of the registered incidents occurred in the Lisbon district.

Weather in Portugal

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