Porto-Lisbon 2 hour train coming in 2028

Written By Lara Silva

Plans to improve the train connection between Porto and Lisbon are underway. By 2028, people can travel by train between Porto and Lisbon in one hour and 59 minutes. By 2030, the travel time between Porto-Lisbon will be one hour and 19 minutes. Construction begins in 2024. 

This will triple the number of train trips between Porto and Lisbon to 77 services a day, rather than the current 25. As of now, the train between Porto and Lisbon is over 3 hours long. 

The project is divided into two phases. Phase 1, between Porto and Soure will cost 2.95 billion euros, of which 1 billion come from European funds. Phase is divided into two other phases: Porto-Aveiro for 1.65 billion and Aveiro-Soure for 1.3 billion. 

This first phase begins in 2024 and should be finished at the end of 2028. There will be new stops in Porto-Campanha, Vila Nova de Gaia, Aveiro, and Coimbra. 

A new bridge will be built between Porto and Vila Nova de Gaia to hold the new line, as well as a road for vehicles below.

Phase two will cost 1.5 billion euros, building the route between Soure and Carregado. Phase two will start in 2026 and should be finished in 2030. When it is completed, Porto and Lisbon will be connected in 1 hour and 19 minutes without stops. 

The government also wants to build a route between Braga and Valenca until 2030. This will cost 1.25 billion euros and also depends on construction in Spain. 

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