Cost of Living in Cascais: Monthly Budget

Written By Lara Silva

You might have heard a lot about Cascais, known as the Portuguese Riviera. The municipality of Cascais is one of the richest in the country, as well as one of the most expensive to live in.

But the cost of living in Cascais is worth it to many. A 30-minute train ride away from Lisbon, Cascais offers a suburban lifestyle close to parks, beaches, and some of the best restaurants in the country. 

But how much does it actually cost to live in Cascais? Let’s take a look at the monthly budget for an expat, digital nomad, and family of four in Cascais.

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Cost of Living in Cascais for an Expat 

The monthly budget for an expat in Cascais, Lisbon is at least €1630 if you want to live in the center. Your monthly costs can be lower if you find a rental outside the center, saving around 300 euros.

A one-bedroom apartment in the center costs around €1060. Outside of the center, it can cost anywhere between €750 to €800. 

A monthly transportation pass is around €40 or less. In the center of Cascais, you can take a 30-minute train to Lisbon. There are also buses all around Cascais.  

Utilities cost around €130, including phone data and cable TV.

For exploring Cascais, eating out at your favorite restaurants, and exploring the nightlife, budget around €200 a month. You can easily spend less or more, depending on your lifestyle. 

Groceries for a single person average out at around €50 a week.

Cost of Living in Cascais for a Digital Nomad

The cost of living in Cascais for a digital nomad is at least €1190 a month. This is the case if you sleep in a hostel’s dorm and cook most of your meals. If not, expect to need €3,000+ a month in Cascais. 

How did we get from around €1000 to over €3000? If you opt for the budget option of a shared dorm in a hostel, expect only to need to pay €20 a night, so around €600 a month. However, a private Airbnb would cost you at least €2000.

Renting a desk at a co-working place in Cascais costs around €150. Transportation costs around €40. 

Budget at least €200 for leisure such as eating out, bars, and tourists to discover the island.

Food can easily max out your monthly budget. If you want to save and have a kitchen at your disposal, a weekly shop shouldn’t cost more than €50.

However, if you plan to eat out, an affordable meal is around €10. This would set you back around €1000 in a month.

Cost of Living in Cascais for a Family of Four 

Having kids is expensive, and it’s particularly expensive in Cascais. Expect to spend at least €3600 a month for a family of four in Cascais.

However, if you need health insurance for the entire family and your two kids will attend private school, you will spend over €3800.

A three-bedroom apartment in the center of Cascais will set you back around €2200. However, prices can go up to €2700, depending on the apartment type and amenities. If you want to save money, opting for an apartment outside the center can save you around €900.

Budget around €160 a month for monthly transport passes. However, it is more convenient for a family of four to own a car and drive around the island. Fuel will cost you anywhere between €150 and €250 a month. 

Utilities cost around €160 and include electricity, heating, water, etc. However, this can be much higher in the winter or depending on your family’s consumption.

Groceries for a family of four in Cascais should cost around €150 a week, so budget at least €600 a month.

If you need to purchase health insurance for the whole family, this will cost you at least €200 a month.

However, you might be eligible to use access to healthcare for free, even if you are not an EU resident. Non-EU citizens are only entitled to use the public health system if they are employed and pay social security in Portugal, having to be registered as legal residents as well.

While public schools are free, international private schools can cost anywhere between €6000 and €2000 a year, depending on the establishment and age of your child. You could pay around €4000 a month for two kids just for education. 

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