5 Best Neighborhoods to Live in Portimāo, Algarve

Written By Lara Silva

Located in the western Algarve region of Portugal, Portimão has become increasingly popular with expats looking to relocate to Portugal. The city has a range of neighborhoods that offer something for everyone.

Whether you’re a retiree looking for a peaceful lifestyle or a professional seeking a convenient and cosmopolitan lifestyle, Portimão has a neighborhood for you. If you’re considering a move to Portimão, read on to discover the 5 best neighborhoods to live in Portimāo, Algarve.

Cost of Living in Portimāo

1. Praia da Rocha

Praia da Rocha is a popular neighborhood in Portimāo, thanks to its stunning beach, lively atmosphere, and quality amenities. You’ll find plenty of things to do, from water sports and sunbathing on the beach to dining in the many restaurants and bars in the area.

This neighborhood has a large international community, making it a great place for expats. You’ll find people from all over the world living here, which makes it easy to make friends and feel at home.

There are also several English-speaking businesses in the area, including restaurants, bars, and shops, which can make the transition to living in Portugal a little easier.

Praia da Rocha is generally more expensive than some of the other neighborhoods in Portimāo. Apartments and houses in the area tend to be a little pricier, but the amenities and the beach views are worth it, in our opinion.

Photo by Duarte Grilo (Unsplash)

2. Alvor

Less than 5 kilometers from Portimāo city center, Alvor is a picturesque fishing village that has become a popular spot for expats in recent years. The village has a charming historic center with cobbled streets, whitewashed houses, and a beautiful church that offer a traditional feel. 

There are also plenty of small, family-run restaurants and bars where you can enjoy local specialties and meet other expats. However, the best part of Alvor is Alvor Beach. The beach is one of the most beautiful in the Algarve region, with soft golden sand and crystal-clear waters. 

Alvor is generally more affordable than some of the more popular neighborhoods in Portimāo. Apartments and houses in the area tend to be cheaper than in Praia da Rocha, for example.  

Photo by Tom Swinnen (Unsplash)

3. Mexilhoeira Grande

If you’re looking for a quieter spot in Portimāo, Mexilhoeira Grande is the perfect choice. Mexilhoeira Grande is a small village that offers a warm climate, making it a popular destination for expats looking for a relaxed lifestyle in a beautiful natural environment.

This quiet town is close to some of the most stunning beaches in the Algarve, including Meia Praia, Praia da Rocha, and Praia do Vau. This area is also quite popular with hikers and nature lovers as there as several stunning walking trails nearby.

Moreover, Mexilhoeira Grande is known for its friendly and welcoming community, with many expats choosing to integrate themselves into the local culture and way of life. 

Photo by Vitor Oliveira (Flickr)

4. Ferragudo

Ferragudo is a small fishing village located on the eastern side of the Arade river, opposite the city of Portimão in the Algarve region of Portugal. A 10-minute drive from the center of Portimão, this charming village features whitewashed houses, narrow streets, and beautiful beaches.

If you are an expat looking for a relaxed lifestyle, Ferragudo could be your next home. The village has a range of amenities, including several shops, restaurants, cafes, and bars, as well as a weekly market selling fresh produce and local crafts.

Ferragudo is also known for its beautiful beaches, including Praia Grande and Praia do Molhe, which are popular with locals and tourists alike. 

Despite its small size, Ferragudo hosts several cultural events throughout the year, including music festivals, art exhibitions, and traditional festivals such as the Festa da Nossa Senhora da Conceição. 

Photo by Joao Alves (FlickR)

5. Portimāo City Center

If you want to be close to all the action, the city center of Portimāo is the place to be. The heart of the city offers a vibrant and lively atmosphere, with a range of shops, restaurants, cafes, and entertainment options.

For expats, Portimão city center offers a convenient and cosmopolitan lifestyle, with excellent transport links to other parts of the Algarve and beyond. You’ll find several supermarkets, shopping malls, and cinemas, as well as a lively nightlife scene with a variety of bars and clubs.

The city center is also home to several cultural attractions, including the Portimão Museum, which showcases the history and culture of the city, and the impressive 14th-century Santa Maria church, which is one of the oldest in the Algarve.

Portimão is also known for its beautiful beaches, including Praia da Rocha, which is one of the most popular in the Algarve. This beach offers a long stretch of golden sand, warm waters, and excellent facilities.

Photo by Tânia Mousinho (Unsplash)
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