Palace of the Marquesses of Fronteira

Built around 1670, the Palace of the Marquesses of Fronteira, also known as just Fronteira Palace, is located in the heart of Lisbon. Featuring incredible architecture, unique azulejos, and inviting gardens, this palace is a lesser-known must-see in the Portuguese capital. Let’s take a look at the history behind the Palace of the Marquesses of Fronteira, its architecture, and what you can expect when visiting.


Built in the 17th century by the first Marquis of Fronteira, Dom João de Mascarenhas, the Palace of Marquesses of Fronteira started as a country retreat for the family. Over time, the palace was expanded and carefully preserved by the Marquesses of Fronteira, becoming an architectural gem.

During the 18th century, the palace gained further distinction with the addition of breathtaking tile panels known as azulejos. These intricately painted ceramic artworks depict scenes from Portuguese history and mythology, adorning the walls, ceilings, and façades of the palace. These azulejos contribute to the palace’s historical significance and provide visitors with a fascinating glimpse into the past.

Today, the Palace of the Marquesses of Fronteira remains under the ownership of the Fronteira family, who generously open its doors to the public. This allows visitors to explore the palace’s grandeur and immerse themselves in the captivating stories of its rich history.


The architecture of the Fronteira Palace combines elements from the Renaissance, Mannerist, and Baroque styles, resulting in a timeless appeal. The palace has a beautiful façade with symmetrical lines and intricate details that give it a charming appearance.

Inside, you can find magnificent salons with stunning ceilings, detailed woodwork, and frescoes. These features showcase the skill of talented artists from that time.

One of the palace’s highlights is the use of hand-painted tiles called Portuguese azulejos. These tiles depict stories from Portugal’s history and myths, taking visitors on a journey to the past. They show scenes of conquests, battles, and legendary figures, creating a unique look.

The palace’s gardens are also worth exploring. With lush greenery, colorful flower beds, and beautiful fountains, the gardens offer a peaceful and picturesque setting. 

Visiting Times & Tickets

The Fronteira Palace is a privately owned Museum-House. Therefore, to visit, you must book a guided tour of the palace. However, the gardens can be visited without a guide. The garden visit costs €6, while a tour of the interior costs €12.

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