Best Things to Do in Porto This Week

Written By Lara Silva

If you’ve landed in Porto and are still uncertain of your week’s agenda, we’ve got you covered. We will delve into the top things to do and events to attend, ensuring an incredible and memorable week in Porto. From performances to a night out, get ready for a unique experience in Porto. Let’s take a look at the top things to do in Porto between August 21 and 27.

Ecstatic Dance Experience

On Thursday, join this ecstatic dance experience based on M.O.V.E, an acronym for Moving Organically Your Vital Energy. This is a body practice created by Marise Cardoso which draws inspiration from various practices like Yoga, Moving Meditation, Ecstatic Dance, and more.

This body practice involves a blend of music, somatic movement, self-expression, meditation, breathwork, and sound healing. The goal is to help you release the stress and anxiety of life, combining all these elements within a two-hour Moving Meditation session. 

The organizers ask for a contribution between 10 to 20 euros, and a meal is provided after the session for 10 euros. 

Night out at Plano B

Ready for a classic Porto night out? Then head to Plano B on Saturday for an incredible line up including Bons Rapazes, Kulture Brothers, and Pedro & Valério. Plano B is not just a club, but also represents an interdisciplinary space divided into two levels, each possessing its distinct ambiance.

The main area, the Cubo club room, showcases top-tier global house and techno DJs.The Palco room is the designated space for a diverse array of concerts spanning genres like jazz, rock, electronic, and experimental music.

Doors open at 10 pm and close at 6 am.

Plano B. Photo provided by establishment.

Pedro Abrunhosa concert

Pedro Abrunhosa is a famous singer from Porto that will be playing at Festas da Carvalhosa on Saturday in Paços de Ferreira. Multi-platinum in practically all his albums, Pedro Abrunhosa has been honored with all the major national awards: three Golden Globes, Bordallo Press Award, four Blitz Awards, Gold Medal of Cultural Merit by the Municipality of Gaia, and more. The concert starts at 10 pm and takes place outdoors, perfect for a late August night. 

Feira do Livro Porto (Book Fair)

Friday kicks off the annual Feira do Livro in Porto, a large book fair founded in 1930 that lasts until September 10. The fair is hosted within the picturesque 19th-century Crystal Palace Gardens.

This annual event serves as a platform for authors to showcase and introduce their literary creations, while also providing visitors the opportunity to acquire books spanning various genres.

In this particular edition, a special tribute is paid to Manuel António Pina, a noteworthy Portuguese journalist, and author who was bestowed with the esteemed Camões Award.

The doors open at 12 am and close at 12 pm on Friday.

Books. Photo by Tom Hermans (Unsplash)

Torna-Viagem at Casa da Musica

Casa da Musica is more than just a concert hall. With its bold lines, geometric shapes, and contemporary design, the building is one of Portugal’s best pieces of modern architecture and design.

Heading here for a concert is a great way to integrate a musical and design experience for a memorable night.

On Wednesday, listen to the musical project called Torna-Viagem, including Catarina Valadas (voice, flute, and percussion), Laura Felicio (piano, voice, and percussion), and Telma Sousa (chordophones, percussion, and voices).

This night of music includes “popular” Portuguese music, a traditional genre, as well as the voices, percussion, and guitars of Afro-American and Brazilian sound.

Photo by Catarina Monteiro (Unsplash)
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