Bacalhôa Buddha-Eden Garden

Written By Mihaela Gutu

Bacalhôa Buddha-Eden is the largest oriental park in Portugal and Europe! It also has Europe’s largest and richest Buddhist statue collection!

So, if you ever visit the country, don’t even hesitate to include it on your must-visit list! You’ll love it, and you’ll definitely want to come back!

Keep reading to discover why this natural park and simultaneously open-air gallery will enchant you on the spot. You’ll also find out how you can get there and how much the tickets cost!

Why Visit Bacalhôa Buddha Eden?

Buddha Eden is a true natural oasis! Its 86 acres (35 hectares) of land are filled with statues and sculptures scattered throughout the gardens.

Can you imagine that more than 6,000 tons of marble and granite were used to create them?! Just picture their grandiosity! Some are literally giant! In fact, at the end of the central staircase, there’s a huge Buddha statue of 69 feet (21 meters) tall!

There’s also a central Japanese-style lake where you can observe koi fish. The lake is adorned with sculpted dragons that rise out of the water.

If you visit the African Sculpture Garden, you’ll step into a realm dedicated to the Shona people of Zimbabwe. They are known for their hand-sculpted works of art that embody the connection between the physical and the spiritual worlds. The African Garden consists of over 200 artworks from various African countries!

Visitors can also enjoy a Modern and Contemporary sculpture garden, where you’ll admire artworks signed by Alexander Calder, Fernando Botero, Lynn Chadwick, and others.

Let’s not forget about the hand-painted terracotta soldiers, a copy of the Terracotta Army buried in 210-209 BCE with Qin Shi Huang to protect him after death. In addition, Buddha-Eden also has several Pagoda Towers that make for quite spectacular Asian views!

In short, you definitely have to reserve a whole day or at least a few hours for this park to enjoy its beauty, reconnect with nature, and embrace the oriental culture, art, and traditions! You’ll definitely want to take your time to appreciate the spectacular waterfalls and admire the unique flora and fauna!

Bacalhôa Buddha-Eden Garden. Photo by FABIAN KRONENBERGER (Flickr)


But wait – how could we forget?! There’s also a vineyard in the park – an impressive one, we must say! We’re in Portugal, after all, right?!

Buddha Eden is actually owned by Bacalhôa, one of Portugal’s most famous wine brands! As such, you’ll have the possibility to taste their wines in the shop.

Bacalhôa Buddha Eden – Location, Hours, Prices

Bacalhôa Buddha Eden is located in Quinta dos Loridos, close to Peniche and Obidos. For more comfort, we strongly recommend renting a car to get there.

However, if you prefer a guided tour, you can book one that includes a tour through the Buddha-Eden Garden and Obidos, which is definitely worth the visit! These tours usually include transportation too.

If you’re visiting between May and September, you should schedule your trip sometime between 9 am and 6:30 pm. If you’re visiting between December and April, make sure to arrive there between 5:30 pm.

The Buddha-Eden ticket costs 6 EUR. Children under 12 can enter for free. There’s also a train tour that costs 6 EUR. Although it sounds like an activity for kids, we strongly recommend taking advantage of it! You’ll have the opportunity to see the whole garden from the train and then return to the entrance on foot. This way, you won’t get too tired. Since the garden is quite large, this is undoubtedly worth considering.

The official Bacalhôa Buddha-Eden website mentions that picnics are not allowed in the park. Nonetheless, there’s a restaurant with an all-inclusive buffet service where you can have lunch.

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