Woman caught at Lisbon airport with gun

Written By Lara Silva

A 25 year old woman was arrested at Lisbon Airport for taking a 9 millimeter gun in her hold luggage. The arrest was announced by the Police of Public Security (PSP) on Friday but occurred on June 9. The gun appeared on the airport x-ray and was not declared at check-in. 

The woman told PSP that she did not know about the 9 millimeter gun. She has been arrested, declared a defendant, and will face the judicial process. It is unclear whether the woman was a tourist, resident, or Portuguese citizen.

The PSP has said that “after collecting the luggage, a 9 millimeter gun was found with a charger, disguised in the middle of clothes”.

According to the TAP website, only licensed gun owners can take a firearm and ammunition. At Lisbon airport, passengers must contact PSP in the inspection area for a gun permit and legal verification. If accepted, the firearm must be declared at check-in and must only go in the hold luggage. Guns are NOT allowed in cabin luggage. This does not apply to all destinations, check out the legal requirements beforehand. 

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