VP of CDS and AD Candidate calls for a new abortion referendum

Written By Manuel Poças

The vice president of the political party CDS and candidate for the Democratic Alliance (AD), Paulo Nuncio, stated that the only way to revert the abortion referendum is with another referendum.

In a debate organized by the Pro-Life Association, in which the vice president of the political party CHEGA also participated, the former Secretary of State for Fiscal Matters said:

“After the liberalization was approved via referendum, which is non-binding but has political significance, it’s very difficult to revert the situation just through the Parliament. I think that the only way to revert the liberalization of the pro-abortion law is with another referendum in order to win like we won in 98.”

Given the context of the ongoing political campaigns and the upcoming legislative elections, Paulo Nuncio’s words were interpreted as meaning that he is in favor of a new referendum to invert the decriminalization of abortion.

In fact, he proceeded by saying: “We should have the capacity to deploy measures with the view of hindering access to abortion and, as soon as possible, try to summon a new referendum with the objective of reverting this law, which is profoundly wicked.”.

Furthermore, the former leader did fundament his thesis with the political agreement that formed the Democratic Alliance (AD). He stated that the agreement focuses essentially on placing human dignity at the center, and as a priority for political activity.

Notwithstanding, Nuno Melo, president of CDS, stated that the former ruler did not say that he was pro a new anti-abortion referendum and that such action is not part of the agreement of AD. In his point of view, Paulo Nuncio did nothing but show a huge democratic respect, by considering that the outcome of a referendum can only be reverted with another referendum.

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