Portugal Fires: Almost 190 injured and 900 evacuated

Written By Lara Silva

The Civil Protection said on Friday that almost 190 people were injured in the last week due to forest fires in Portugal, reports JN. Four of these cases were seriously injured. 865 evacuations were held in Portugal due to the fires, but those in Santarem and Leiria have returned to their homes.

In Cumeada in the district of Santarem, 28 homes and garages were damaged.

A fire that started in Vale de Pia in Pombal spread to Ansiao in the district of Leiria, damaging at least 12 homes.

In Palmela, 12 buildings, five homes, and other tourism infrastructures were damaged.

In Faro in the Algarve, the large fire damaged four houses, four vehicles, 35 house gardens, and 13 infrastructures of agricultural support.

These are just some examples of the damage caused by the fire, with many more around Portugal.

As of Friday at 7 am, there were 13 active fires in Portugal, with 1,000 firefighters supported by 285 vehicles. 

The state of emergency in Portugal has been extended until at least Sunday. There is a ban on:

  • Being in woodland areas, including forest, woodland, and rural trails
  • Burning garden and agricultural waste
  • Clearing agricultural land through burning
  • Using machinery in or near woodland areas (includes garden machinery)
  • Setting off fireworks of any kind

In case of emergency call 112. The authorities have also recommended drinking at least eight glasses of water daily and wearing loose clothing, as well as avoiding direct sun exposure and physical activity.

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