Plane makes emergency landing at Lisbon airport

Written By Lara Silva

AirBus A330 of the company World2Fly made an emergency landing at Lisbon Airport on Saturday at 7:09 PM. The aircraft departed Lisbon to Varadero, Cuba but had issues with its aircraft landing gear and had over 330 passengers on board.

The flight departed on Saturday at 4:36 PM from Humberto Delgado Airport in Lisbon and by 5:30 was flying over Sintra to waste fuel, a normal procedure in these situations. The plane did this for over 2 hours.

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An orange alert was declared at 4:52 PM and air traffic was suspended for five minutes, but other flights were not changed to other airports. Security measures at Lisbon airport included a team of firefighters, the INEM, and police at the runway, as well as workers at emergency exits in case of evacuation.

The CEO of World2Fly said that “there was no damage in the plan, nor an emergency”. Lisbon Airport merely activated the measures of emergency out of precaution and all the passengers were safe. At 9 PM the plane took off once again on its 9-hour journey to Cuba.

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