6,000 drivers caught in speed traps in 24 hours

Written By Manuel Poças

In less than twenty-four hours, the newly installed speed traps caught 6,000 drivers going over the speed limit.

There are 37 new speed traps operating throughout the country since the beginning of the month. Of the 37, 12 are able to record the average speed. This technology is new in Portugal.

Contrary to other speed traps, which take note of the speed in one specific location, at one point in time, these assess the time a vehicle spends going from point A to point B and calculate the average speed. 

By the end of September 1st, 6,000 drivers had already been caught. The tickets have not been processed yet, but the authorities estimate that if each driver pays the minimum amount possible (60 euros), the total revenue for the state will be around 360,000 euros.

However, considering that the amount due depends on how much above the speed limit the driver was, it could be more than that. The 37 new speed traps are spread across the country, from north to south on highways, national, and complementary roads. Most were placed along national roads, in specific locations, but the new technology was specifically chosen for the main highways.

If you want to know where the speed traps are located, take a look here.

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