50,000 students get into university in Portugal’s first phase

Written By Manuel Poças

Almost 50,000 students got into university in Portugal. However, there are 38 degrees available that no one wants to apply to at the moment. 

This year’s first phase of the National Contest to Access Higher Education (Concurso Nacional de Acesso ao Ensino Superior – CNAES) had almost fifty thousand placements. The number is slightly lower than last year’s, but it represents 84% of the total number of applications. The remaining 16% will have to wait for the second phase.

Most of the 1,109 degrees available are completely full. There are only 305 degrees with spots available, of which 38 are completely empty.

Interestingly, one of the most wanted areas is also the one that no one wants. Most of the degrees without any application are connected to engineering. However, the ones that everyone wants are also connected to the field. The degree with the highest average entry GPA is Aerospatial Engineering.

Apart from the above mentioned, Medicine, Law, Architecture, and International Relations degrees are very popular. The average entry GPA for these degrees in the best Universities is above 18/20.

The spots that are still available will be disputed by the remaining 16% of the applicants. If there are any spots available after the second phase, there will be a third. The goal is that every degree is full, and every student is placed.

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