50 radio stations boycott the Portuguese elections

Written By Manuel Poças

Around 50 radio stations from all over the country joined to boycott the upcoming legislative elections, in protest against the dying out of the sector.

According to a statement released by the Portuguese Broadcasting Association, the recent changes to the radio law, which added to the inexistence of favorable measures taken by any of the last governments, were the last stroke.

The boycott officially started with the European elections in 2019, extended to the legislative elections of that same year, and will last, at least, until the end of this year’s election cycle. There will be no broadcasting of any material related to the elections. No interviews, no debates, and no campaign time.

Hopefully, with the boycott, the current and future decision-makers understand that things cannot keep going as they are. In the last years, the government has not only not accepted any measure proposed by the sector, but also has not kept any of the promises made and approved within the State Budget.

Furthermore, earlier this month, the Portuguese President of the Republic promulgated the new radio law. The new law increases the minimum broadcasting amount for Portuguese music (now 30%) and adds even more obligations to the radio operators. According to the Association, this is unbearable.

As a result, a considerable number of radio stations chose to protest, hoping they will make enough noise to be heard, and considered.

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