Updated 2024: Cost of Living in Porto

Written By Lara Silva

Porto is an excellent destination for expatriates and digital nomads seeking to immerse themselves in culture and history, as well as relax on incredible beaches. Although prices are on the rise, Porto remains a more affordable living option than Lisbon, primarily due to its rent costs (around 20% to 30% lower than in the capital). The average price for an apartment in Porto stands at 16,9 €/m2 and consumer prices are generally lower than the ones seen in other European cities like Amsterdam or London.

Let’s take a look at the average monthly budget in Porto for expats without children, families, and digital nomads in 2024. 

Cost of Living in Porto for an Expat

  • Housing: For a one-bedroom apartment that’s around 60 m2, expect to pay over €1000. You can also find studios for €600 to €700 a month but expect cramped conditions. For a cheaper option, rooms in shared homes tend to go for around €400 at the moment.
  • Utilities: Allocate a minimum of €100 to €150 for expenses like electricity and gas, with the possibility of an increase during winter due to higher heating usage. Additionally, factor in an estimated extra cost of €50 for your internet and phone bill.
  • Groceries: The price of groceries depends on your lifestyle, diet, choice of products, as well as where you shop. But for a safe bet, budget at least €100 a week for groceries for one person. 
  • Eating Out: A meal out will cost you at least €15 without alcohol but can be a lot more expensive. If you eat out twice a week, for example, you will need to budget at least €120 a month, but this amount is still pretty conservative. 
  • Transportation: Porto’s Andante Metropolitan card costs €40 and is valid on all lines and operators in the Andante transport system.
  • Healthcare: Portugal’s public healthcare system offers vital medical services at no cost to residents, although specific state healthcare services may require standard user fees. These fees vary, such as €15 for visits to the Accident and Emergency Department and €5 for basic General Practitioner appointments. Opting for private healthcare, which provides easier access to appointments and a broader array of services like dermatology and dentistry, will involve monthly health insurance costs ranging from €40 to €100.

Cost of Living in Porto for a Digital Nomad 

  • Housing: If you plan to stay for less than a year, you might find it possible to lease a one-bedroom place with a rental contract for approximately €1000. However, the more probable scenario is that you’ll need to reserve accommodation through Airbnb. Prices for a small apartment typically start at €1200 in the low season and can range from €2000 to €3000 during the summer. Another option to consider for budget savings is renting a bed at a hostel, which can cost around €25.
  • Groceries: If you prefer preparing your meals at home, allocate a budget of €100 per week for groceries for one person.
  • Transportation: Porto’s Andante Metropolitan card costs €40 and is valid on all lines and operators in the Andante transport system.
  • Eating Out: A meal will cost you around €15 at an average restaurant so depending on how much you want to explore the food scene, budget accordingly. There are also other restaurants worth a visit that are more expensive. 
  • Sightseeing & Leisure: Porto offers a wealth of museums, theaters, cinemas, and bars waiting to be explored. Plan to allocate approximately €30 to €50 per week for these various activities.
  • Coworking: Renting a desk for a month in a coworking spot in Porto can cost around €100 to €150 a month. 

Cost of Living in Porto for a Family of Four

  • Housing: A 3-bedroom apartment in Porto will cost you around €1,600 but can easily go up to €2,000. 
  • Utilities: Budget a minimum of €200 for utility bills, including electricity and gas, though this may increase during the winter due to higher heating usage. Internet and phone expenses will vary based on the number of phones, but plan on budgeting at least €100 for a family package.
  • Groceries: The cost of groceries is contingent on your family’s lifestyle and dietary preferences. To be on the safe side, plan to allocate at least €200 per week for grocery expenses for a family of four.
  • Transportation: Porto’s Andante Metropolitan cards for a whole family cost a total of €80 and are valid on all lines and operators in the Andante transport system.
  • Eating Out: A meal for the whole family will cost you at least €60 but can be a lot more expensive depending on the choice of restaurant.
  • Education: Education costs can significantly impact your budget, particularly if you choose not to enroll in free Portuguese public schools. If you prefer an international setting with English-speaking schools, private international schools can range from €7,000 to €15,000 per year per child. Opting for a private Portuguese school will typically require a budget of around €6,000.
  • Healthcare: Portugal’s public healthcare system offers free medical services to residents, but some state healthcare services may involve standard user fees, such as €5 for basic GP appointments. Fortunately, in Porto, families are more likely to be assigned a family doctor, unlike the situation in Lisbon. However, if you opt for private healthcare, it is advisable to obtain health insurance for your entire family, with costs starting at least €200. The actual expense may vary based on factors like age and pre-existing health conditions.

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