Lisbon Oceanarium

Located in Lisbon, the Lisbon Oceanarium is the perfect place for sea lovers as it is one of the largest indoor aquariums in Europe. In this article, we’ll dive deep into the Oceanarium’s history and the captivating exhibitions that make it a must-visit destination for both ocean enthusiasts and curious minds.


The Lisbon Oceanarium, known locally as “Oceanário de Lisboa,” stands as a remarkable architectural achievement, reflecting the city’s strong dedication to marine conservation and educational endeavors. Established in 1998 and designed by the American architect Peter Chermayeff, it is situated within the Parque das Nações, originally constructed for Expo ’98.

The Oceanarium’s distinctive structure resembles a colossal floating vessel, gracefully poised above a reflective pool—a design marvel that symbolizes the Oceanarium’s unwavering commitment to the exploration and conservation of our planet’s oceans.

Functioning as both a hub for marine research and an educational institution, the Oceanarium assumes a vital role in enhancing awareness of ocean conservation and cultivating a profound understanding of marine ecosystems.


  1. The North Atlantic: Begin your adventure in the temperate waters of the North Atlantic. Here, you’ll encounter playful sea otters, majestic sunfish, and a dazzling array of fish species. This exhibit offers insights into the rich biodiversity of the northern seas and the challenges they face due to climate change.
  2. The Antarctic: Journey to the frigid landscapes of the Antarctic, where a massive central tank houses graceful penguins, inquisitive seals, and the iconic leopard seal. This icy realm offers a glimpse into the unique adaptations of animals that call Antarctica home.
  3. The Indian Ocean: Explore the vibrant and warm waters of the Indian Ocean, where coral reefs teem with life. Colorful fish, graceful rays, and mesmerizing sharks inhabit this exhibit, highlighting the beauty and fragility of coral ecosystems.
  4. The Pacific Ocean: Venture into the vastness of the Pacific Ocean, where a breathtaking 7-meter-deep tank surrounds you. Here, you’ll encounter the awe-inspiring ocean sunfish, graceful rays, and a multitude of pelagic fish species. The Pacific Ocean exhibit provides a profound sense of the open sea and the need to protect these remote environments.

Visiting Times & Tickets

The Lisbon Oceanarium is open from 10 am to 8 pm. Ticket prices:

  •  3 – 12 years old: 15 euros
  • 13 – 64 years old: 25 euros
  • 65+ years old: 17 euros

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