Portuguese Public Holidays in 2024

Written By Lara Silva

In 2024, Portugal, a nation rich in religious, historical, and cultural days will experience a series of national public holidays recognized by the government. These holidays play a crucial role in the Portuguese calendar.

The general rule is that every worker is entitled to 22 working days off for vacation. However, with public holidays that might lead to extended weekends, you can maximize your time off. 

Keep in mind that not only do you get days off, but expect shops and businesses to be closed as well. Moreover, Portugal’s public holidays, known as feriados, come with an interesting twist.

Unlike in some other countries, if a holiday falls on a Sunday, it doesn’t extend to the following Monday. The country features a range of both mandatory and optional holidays, with some being celebrated nationwide and others holding regional importance.

Let’s explore the list of national public holidays set for 2024. 

Nationwide Public Holidays 2024

  • January 1: The first day of the year, on a Monday.
  • February 13: Carnival Tuesday, and businesses might still decree a “ponte” (bridge) where Monday is also off.
  • March 29: Saint Friday
  • March 31: Easter Sunday 
  • April 25: Carnation Revolution, celebrated this year on a Thursday
  • May 1: Labour Day, which falls on a Wednesday
  • May 30: Corpus Christi Day on a Thursday
  • June 10: Camōes Day on a Monday
  • August 15: Day of the Assumption of Our Lady, the only holiday in August which falls on Thursday
  • October 5: Republic Day on Saturday
  • November 1: Day of All Saints on Friday, allowing for a long weekend
  • December 1: Restauration for Independence Day
  • December 8: Day of the Immaculate Conception
  • December 25: Christmas Day on a Wednesday

Local June Holidays

In the month of June, many cities in Portugal celebrate public holidays related to Catholic saints. These lead to celebrations all over the country, often known as Santos Populares. 

June 13: Lisbon’s Saint Anthony Day on Thursday

June 24: Saint John’s Day in Porto, Braga, and Tavira

June 29: Saint Peter’s Day in Évora

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