The 9 Best Coworking Spaces in Porto

Written By Becky Gillespie

A few months ago, we covered Lisbon’s coworking scene. While it doesn’t have as many coworking spaces as Portugal’s capital city, Porto shines for its wide array of creative places to work. It also has good coverage on the Croissant app, where monthly plans start at 29€ for 10 hours a month. Croissant gives it members access to more than 500 spaces around the world and Porto currently has 7 coworking spaces using Croissant.

Beyond having a membership that allows to hop between spaces, there are also dozens of coworking spaces throughout Porto that offer day passes, hot desks, fixed desk plans, and private offices. Several spaces also offer multiple locations under the same membership such as Vertical Coworking and Porto i/o (see below). Porto packs quite a coworking punch despite its relatively small size. While visiting or living in Porto, you have the choice between working right in the heart of the tourist district, down by the Douro River, or even beachside in Matosinhos. Ready to work? Let’s look at our favorite coworking spaces in Porto right now.

1. Facts Coworking

Facts Coworking in Boavista is one of our top two favorite coworking spaces in Porto for its beautiful location and easy access to a number of things nearby. Located a 3-minute walk from the metro and right next to Casa da Música, Facts Coworking has several large windows bringing in ample natural light. It has been a player in the Porto coworking scene since 2010, quite a feat in an industry that often sees spaces come and go within a few years.

Our love for Facts Coworking is twofold: not only does it have a dedicated helpful staff, but it also has a lot of amenities that make it easy to feel at home. Enjoy an aquarium phone booth (you heard that right!) and a chill-out room complete with a TV, Playstation, and a ping pong table. There is even a shower if you need it. Choose between shared desk plans starting at 88 € per month or private offices with 24/7 access. You can pay quarterly for a discount or stick with monthly payments. Printing services are also available.

Pedro Kok, Casa da Música, Porto, Portugal, Flickr
  • Location: de 5 de Outubro 185, 4100-175 Porto, Portugal
  • Hours of Operation: Hot desk and day rate members (weekdays only): 9 am – 7 pm, 24/7 access to fixed desk members
  • Prices: Shared Table for 6 Coworkers – 88 € per month if you pay quarterly/ 100 € per month if you pay monthly, Shared Table for 2 Coworkers – 110 € per month if you pay quarterly/ 120 € per month if you pay monthly, Individual Table – 138 € per month if you pay quarterly/ 150 € per month if you pay monthly, Private Office – from 400 €/month

Accepts a Croissant Membership? Yes, but log on to the app early because this place is popular

2. Temporada

Temporada in Cedofeita might be small compared to Facts Coworking, but it has a whole lot of heart and a unique way to charge its members. Each person who wants to use the space can do so for just 2 € per hour. Because of this, no free coffee is available. No fixed monthly plans are offered. The staff also often serve fresh, delicious food at a fair price.

Situated in a nice area close to public transport, with car and bicycle parking nearby, Temporada creates a great sense of community with the perfect setup for drop-ins, digital nomads, and local residents who can stop by for a couple of hours and get some work done. Enjoy the multifunctional design, lovely music, natural light, and an incredible backyard. Be prepared to be welcomed not just as a client but as an important person in the Temporada community.

Coffee, Tyler Nix, Unsplash
  • Location: Rua da Torrinha 151, 4050-611 Porto, Portugal
  • Hours of Operation: Hot desk and day rate members: 9:30 am – 6:30 pm (Monday-Thursday), 9:30 am – 10:30 pm (Friday), 24/7 access to fixed desk members
  • Prices: 2 € per hour, or you can purchase a card for 20 hours for 29 €

Accepts a Croissant Membership? Yes

3. Porto i/o

Porto i/o has three locations in Porto: Downtown, Riverside, and Seaside. While it is not offered on the Croissant app, it is one of the best options if you’re looking for variety in some of the best locations in Porto. Porto i/o Downtown opened in 2010 followed by Riverside in 2016 and Matosinhos in 2017.

The Downtown location is located in a refurbished 19th century building with stone walls and high ceilings. Get the best view of Douro River and the old town from a gorgeous 16th century penthouse with an endless balcony at the Riverside location, the site of many port-wine deals in the past. Finally, the Seaside location turned an 18th-century warehouse formerly used to store canned fish and wine transported from the Porto de Leixões into an ideal hub 100% powered by renewable energy sources. Want to go surfing on your lunch break? You can do it at Porto i/o Seaside.  

Matosinhos, Alvaro Polo, Flickr
  • Location: Porto i/o Downtown: R. de Cândido dos Reis 81, 4050-152, Porto i/o Riverside: Rua do Infante D. Henrique 73 4o andar, 4050-492, Porto i/o Seaside: Rua de Brito Capelo 1127, 4450-070, Matasinhos
  • Hours of Operation: Hot desk and day rate members: 10 am – 6 pm (weekdays only), 24/7 access to fixed desk members
  • Prices: Monthly Access (10 am – 6 pm) – 95 €, Fixed Desk – 150 €, Private Office – 225 € (min. requirement 6 months). Please note that only the Fixed Desk option includes 24/7 access

Accepts a Croissant Membership? No

4. Selina Navis

Selina Navis in the Vitória neighborhood is a wonderful coworking haven with lots of great cafes, bars, restaurants, and shops nearby. Selina is part of the Selina chain of hotel/coworking space hybrids around the world. Selina has five different locations in Portugal alone and Selina Navis is located right around the corner from the Selina Porto hotel. A visit to Selina Navis includes complimentary fresh coffee, tea, water, and access to phone booths to take meetings. There are also community events that you can join each week with a diverse international community.

Selina is also pet-friendly, cozy, and has a nice internal balcony. The tables are big enough to spread out and focus on finishing your work so you can get out and enjoy all that Porto has to offer.  

Eduardo Vales , Entrance to Selina Navis Cowork, Flickr
  • Location: R. de José Falcão 199, 4050-215 Porto, Portugal
  • Hours of Operation: Hot desk and day rate members: 8 am – 9 pm (weekdays only), 24/7 access to fixed desk members
  • Prices: Day Pass – 15 €, Dedicated Desk – 220 € per month, Meeting Room – 10 € per hour. Please note that only the Fixed Desk option includes 24/7 access

Accepts a Croissant Membership? Yes

5. Dot Work

Dot Work in Mafamude on the Vila Nova de Gaia side of the Douro River is where ideas are born. If you would like to finish your work and then go for a stroll around the riverside, Dot Work will work for you. Choose from a variety of memberships including a virtual space that allows you to use Dot Work as an address or a mailbox to receive your packages. Book meeting rooms for an hour or pay for a monthly hot desk or fixed desk.

Due to its location on the opposite side of the river, there is a higher concentration of Portuguese employees and freelancers using the space, so if you’re looking to tap into the local community of start-ups, artists, and entrepreneurs, in addition to practicing your Portuguese, this could be the place for you!    

Yuri Rapoport, A view of Vila Nova de Gaia from Dom Luis I bridge, Flickr


  • Hours of Operation: Hot desk and day rate members: 8 am – 6 pm (weekdays only), 24/7 access to fixed desk members
  • Prices: Virtual Space (Handling mail) – 100 €, (Handling mail + using the space as your home address), Hot Desk – 250 € per month, Fixed Desk – 475 €, Meeting Room – 10 € per hour. Please note that only the Fixed Desk option includes 24/7 access.

Accepts a Croissant Membership? Yes

6. Outsite Cowork Café (M.Ou.Co Restaurante & Bar)

Outsite Cowork Cafe in Bonfim has a sister location in Lisbon. Like its counterpart down south, Outsite Cowork Café is part of a hotel and the Porto location is also known as M.Ou.Co. Not only does the Porto location offer a workspace with indoor and outdoor seating, but it also has phone booths, meeting rooms, high-speed Wi-Fi, a coffee bar, comfortable chairs, a yoga room, and even a pool. This is the only space we found in Porto that opens at 7:30 am. There are no monthly passes available, but you can buy a weekly pass.

The spirit of rock and roll is in the air at M.Ou.Co. and you can attend exhibitions devoted to different musical eras after your workday. If you stay at the hotel, you can enjoy the music library with different vinyl records. You can even take five records to your room and listen to them on your own.     

Outsite Cowork Cafe features a yoga room, Ginny Rose Stewart, Unsplash
  • Location: R. de Frei Heitor Pinto 67, 4300-252, Porto
  • Hours of Operation: Hot desk and day rate members: 7:30 am – 11 pm (weekdays only), 24/7 access to fixed desk members
  • Prices: Half Day Pass (Only valid after 3:00 pm) – 10 €, Day Pass – 15 €, Weekly Pass – 60 € (Unlimited access from Monday to Sunday), Meeting rooms – upon request. Please note that only the Fixed Desk option includes 24/7 access.

Accepts a Croissant Membership? Yes

7. Vertical Coworking

Vertical Coworking has two locations in Firmeza and Bolhão, but Bolhão is currently closed for renovation. It is a full-scale operation that offers private meeting rooms, kitchen facilities, lounges, phone booths, and over 270+ coworking desks across both locations. 

The location in Firmeza also has something very rare indeed: apartments adjacent to the coworking with options for large groups and companies to come and stay for coworkations. Parking including a charging station for electric cars is available in addition to space for bicycles and motorbikes. When you work with Vertical Coworking, you also get access to the Vertical community of over 1,000+ members.

Still want more? Vertical Coworking also dedicates itself to positive interaction between its guests. It has ample space for events topped off with a 150m2 rooftop terrace at Firmeza. Bring your community vibes!

Dai Ke, Unsplash
  • Location: R. da Firmeza 369, 4000-225 (Firmeza), R. Guedes de Azevedo 131, 4000-272 (Bolhão); Please note that the Bolhão location is currently closed for renovation
  • Hours of Operation: 5 pack Hot desk and day rate members: 8 am – 7 pm (weekdays only), 24/7 access to fixed desk members
  • Prices: 5-Day Pack with 24-hour access – 86.10 €, 10-Day Pack – 159.90 €. Please note that the day packs must be used during the month in which they were purchased, subject to advance booking. If you book a room with the adjacent Firmeza Coworking & Flats, you will be given one free day pass.

Accepts a Croissant Membership? Yes

8. Circus Network

Circus Network in Massarelos has a lot going on all under one big tent. Not only does it manage 16 artists, providing everything they need for creative projects in illustration, street art, and design, but it also organizes mural paintings, workshops, artist residencies, and exhibitions.

As part of its mission to bring multi-talented people together, it also hosts a coworking space where 10 different freelance creatives can work to encourage a dynamic and inclusive environment. Every coworking member of Circus Network gets a dedicated locker, table, and chair in addition to access to the entire common space including a kitchen and outdoor expression area (the first we’ve seen at a coworking space). The coworking hours are the same as the store/gallery.

Jorge Bastos, Jardim do Carregal, Flickr
  • Location: Rua do Rosário 54, 4050-522, Porto, Portugal
  • Hours of Operation: Hot desk and day rate members: 10 am – 7 pm (Mondays-Saturdays only)
  • Prices: Day Pass – 20 €, Hot Desk – 100 €, Team of Two Using 1 Desk – 150 €

9. Work Wise Coworking & Offices

Work Wise Coworking & Offices moves away from the creative side and back to a more typical professional office set-up right in the center of Porto. They offer the typical coworking accoutrements such as free tea and coffee and crank up the wow factor with comfortable chairs, a huge terrace right next to reception, and stunning views over the city (with even a peak at the water in the distance).

Work wiser here with a fantastic coffee machine, Coworking Thursday events, and comfy beanbags. Find your perfect work spot or impress your clients by booking a modern meeting room starting at 19 € per hour. You can even use Work Wise as your mailing address and have packages delivered to the coworking for very reasonable 19 € per month (if you pay for the entire year in advance.   

Porto, Jure Tufekcic, Unsplash
  • Location: R. de Sá da Bandeira 706 6D, 4000-432, Portugal
  • Hours of Operation: Hot desk and day rate members: 9:30 am – 6:30 pm (weekdays only), 24/7 access to fixed desk members
  • Prices: Day Pass, 12 € (scheduling in advance is required), Virtual Office – 19 € (annual membership), 39 € monthly, Hot Desk – 89 € (Monday-Friday, 9:30 am – 6:30 pm only), 119 € per month, 24/7 access,  Private Office – Check the list and contact Work Wise, Meeting Room – Starting at 19 € per hour. Check the full list of meeting room prices.

Accepts a Croissant Membership? No

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