Portugal’s Golden Visa Program Is Still Open in 2024

Written By Jason Swan

It’s been almost six months since the Portugal government confirmed that the Golden Visa program is actually sticking around. But with so much misunderstanding online, many people still think the program has closed its doors forever. This is completely understandable since initial news of the Golden Visas going away received coverage around the world back in March 2023.

Let us set the record straight: the Golden Visa program remains open and is in more demand than ever. In the end, the only part of the program that truly ended was the option to invest into property. Everything else is pretty much the same.

There is currently no talk of the program closing or changing in the foreseeable future. If it is something you plan to do or have been considering, however, we advise you to apply sooner rather than later, as you never know when the government may change the program again. 

The largest percentage of current Golden Visa applications are investing via regulated and qualifying investment funds or choosing to purchase capital share in existing Portuguese companies (that support job creation in the country). Investment fund-linked Golden Visa approvals were up 77% between 2021 and 2023, with that figure expected to rise sharply in 2024.

There are many sectors within Portugal that investors can opt to invest in and, unlike property, these routes have no stamp duty applicable, which results in a savings of up to €35,000 of your initial capital outlay. Furthermore, the process of investing is much simpler and allows clients to submit their Golden Visa application sooner.

The option of donating €250,000 is still possible or an investment from €500,000.

In our Golden Visa webinar, we will be covering all the different investment options including investing into funds, existing capital share, and hospitality.

With some clever planning, you can qualify for the program with only €325,000 of investment capital.

One unique aspect of what Holborn Assets has been able to offer is the option to qualify with just €400,000. This includes an investment of €500,000 to qualify for the visa. However, €100,000 of this €500,000 is paid as an upfront return from the investment. This is something offered exclusively by Holborn Assets and is not available through any provider or fund manager.

Being the largest provider of Golden Visa investments in Portugal, Holborn Assets is excited to announce that they will also be soon be able to discuss an investment option, that will allow you to qualify with only €325,000 of your own capital. This investment will also have an optional, but guaranteed exit of €500,000 in year 6 (when you expect to have your permanent visa and/or passport issued).

The investment options required to qualify with the lower capital amount of €325,000 will likely sell out quickly due to very limited availability. For more details on this, please schedule a meeting with an expert using the Calendar.

Considering Portugal’s Golden Visa Program? Everything you need to know + how to qualify with 325,000 EUR

If you’re interested in finding out the latest details about the Golden Visa program and want to take advantage of the new opportunities. Signup for a live Q&A webinar with an expert from Holborn Assets that will answer all your questions. The event is scheduled for June 19 at 6 PM Lisbon Time (2 PM EST). The live webinar will cover the following:

  • Golden Visa basics, how to qualify, who can be included
  • New Investment Criteria for 2024
  • Golden Visa timeline and process
  • How to qualify with just 325,000 EUR – this exclusive offer includes investment loan financing to bridge the gap to reach the 500k minimum investment
  • What tax breaks are available?
  • Live Q&A for all questions

Register for FREE

*If you cannot attend the seminar or would prefer one-on-one, book a call here.


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