Taylor Swift Is Coming to Lisbon: Here’s Everything You Need to Know!

Written By Becky Gillespie

The Eras Tour is Taylor Swift’s sixth concert tour. It started on March 17, 2023, in Glendale, Arizona, and is scheduled to end on December 8, 2024 in Vancouver, Canada. As part of the Eras Tour, Taylor will play two shows in Lisbon, Portugal on May 24 and May 25, 2024. It will come as no surprise that both shows sold out almost immediately. With around 65,000 fans coming to see Taylor perform at a concert that lasts for almost 3.5 hours, here are some tips and tricks to ensure that you have the best experience at Taylor’s concert!

Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour, Paolo Villanueva, Flickr

Where will Taylor Swift’s concert take place in Lisbon?

Taylor Swift is set to perform at Estádio da Luz, also known as Estádio do Sport Lisboa e Benfica (Avenida Eusébio da Silva Ferreira, Lisboa, 1500-313). This is a multi-purpose stadium that is primarily used for association football home games of Portuguese club Benfica, the stadium’s owner. There are 65,000 covered seats in the stadium section. It is not yet clear what kind of seating will be available, if any, in the floor section for the Eras Tour. Come prepared to stand and be delighted if you get a seat on the floor. That’s our best advice.

What time does the Eras Tour start?

The doors to Estádio da Luz open at 4:30 p.m. on both May 24 and May 25, 2024. Paramore is scheduled to start at 7:00 pm, and Taylor will start performing at 8:00 pm. The show is scheduled to end between 11:15 pm and 11:30 pm. Each Eras Tour performance typically lasts for just under 3.5 hours. Taylor usually sings 44 songs grouped into 10 distinct acts that portray her different albums. No performance is exactly the same as there are often bonus songs that Taylor adds in and some outfits that will also change with each show.

Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour: Reputation, Paolo Villanueva, Flickr

Who is set to perform as the opening act for Taylor Swift in Lisbon?

The American rock band Paramore is set to open for Taylor Swift for the UK and EU legs of her Eras Tour in summer 2024. This includes Lisbon! Paramore lead vocalist Hayley Williams has been a long-time friend of Taylor, with both breaking into the music industry around the same time and still going strong today.

What is the best way to get to Taylor Swift’s Lisbon concert venue?

This is perhaps the most important advice that we can give you about attending Taylor’s concert in Lisbon. Take the metro and get to the area early. We repeat. Take the metro, in this case, the blue line (Linha Azul), to one of two different stations. The closest metro station to Estádio da Luz is Colégio Militar/Luz station, which is about a 10-minute walk away. You can also alight at Alto dos Moinhos station, which is about the same distance away. When things get crowded, the Lisbon Metro is your best bet to get somewhere on time in the city. Traffic can slow to a crawl in Portugal’s capital city when everyone is trying to get to the same place, so we highly recommend the metro.

If you have a contactless credit card, you can actually tap in using sensors at the metro ticket gates at your starting station and tap out at the gates at your final station. This may be tricky to do with a group if there is only one credit card in the group. In this case, you will need to pass your credit card back over the gate to get multiple people through the gates, and make sure you also all tap out. You can also buy Navegante metro cards at any Metro ticket machine in advance and ensure that each person has at least 5€ loaded onto the card to get to the Eras Tour and back.

Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour: Folklore, Paolo Villanueva, Flickr

The Metro, under normal operating conditions, doesn’t close until 1:00 am every day, including weekends and public holidays. This should be plenty of time to also use the Metro on the way back to your accommodation.

If you would rather take a taxi or use a rideshare service, make sure to arrive to the venue way in advance. The best rideshare apps to use in Lisbon are Bolt, Uber, and FREENOW. Bolt is usually slightly cheaper while FREENOW also has the ability to call taxis from the app.

In Lisbon, during busy periods, it is not uncommon for drivers to drop rides at the last minute or take much longer to arrive than the app first calculates. This can be extremely frustrating when you’re trying to get somewhere quickly, which is why I recommend the metro.

There are also public buses available which can also be used with the Navegante cards. If you prefer to take a bus, there are several routes available, including 726, 729, 765, 767, 786, 750, and 799. Buses generally run until 1:00 am.

Will the show go ahead if it rains?

The Eras Tour will play rain or shine. The only exception would be if there is severe weather that could impact the safety of the performers and concertgoers. Please follow staff instructions and venue screens in these situations. For your information, the venue is mostly covered except for the stadium’s center. Keep an eye on the weather on the concert day and prepare accordingly. You may want to pack an easily packable plastic poncho. As this might be hard to find in Lisbon, bring one with you if you are coming from overseas.

Final Tips for the Best Taylor Swift Eras Tour Experience!

Although the doors open at 4:30 pm, we recommend arriving to the concert venue area at around this time and having an early dinner at Colombo Mall (Centro Comercial Colombo), which is adjacent to the Colégio Militar/Luz Metro Station. Colombo is the largest mall in Lisbon, with over 400 shops including a large food court on the third floor. You can take your pick from a large number of restaurants in the mall at affordable prices, and the mall is so close to the concert venue that you can easily walk over after your meal.

Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour: The Red Era, Paolo Villanueva, Flickr

Be sure to also have a few snacks with you to get you through the long concert and make sure to stay hydrated throughout the event. It can get quite hot in Lisbon at the end of May, but evenings can also get a little chilly.

  • Book your accommodation as soon as possible! Don’t wait until the last minute, as hotels in Lisbon can get notoriously expensive when the city gets crowded. We recommend the Rossio, Chiado, or São Sebastião areas for the best mix of easy access to the metro to get to the concert, along with convenient connections to other parts of the city. Remember, when the city gets crowded, the metro is your friend! If the metro is not working or there is a citywide strike, which can happen from time to time, have a plan B. This will probably involve getting to the venue even earlier or taking the bus, which generally doesn’t strike as often as metro and train services. There is always the taking a taxi option. Having a plan B is most important. This is why we feel it is best to get to the venue early, relax at Colombo Mall, and then head over to the stadium when you’re ready.
Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour: The Folklore Set, Paolo Villanueva, Flickr
  • Wear comfortable shoes. You are likely to be standing for more than 4 hours for the Eras Tour experience including Paramore’s performance. It’s important to be as comfortable as possible.
  • Don’t bring selfie sticks, lights, or professional photo equipment or cameras. These are not permitted in the stadium.  These are not permitted at the concert.   
  • Bring ear plugs. You may not need them, but it’s better to have some on hand than not have them but wish that you did.
  • Bring napkins or toilet paper in case the toilets run out. This is going to be a sold-out show and you may find yourself without toilet paper. Plan ahead and bring your own.
  • Download or take a screenshot of your concert tickets so you have them in case Wifi or phone service is difficult to access at the concert venue.
  • Make bracelets in advance to bring to the concert and hand out to others! This is one of the best parts about coming to a Taylor Swift concert besides the lady herself and you don’t want to miss it!
  • Wear your most amazing Taylor-inspired outfit! This is your time to shine and maybe even get Taylor to notice you. So go on. Be as creative as you want. Have fun and enjoy the show!
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  1. Hi! My family is traveling to Lisbon for the Era’s Tour! We have VIP floor tickets and we were under the impression that it was standing room only like Brazil and Argentina. This article says every concertgoer has a seat so do you know if the floor will have seats like the U.S. shows? We can’t seem to find this information anywhere.

    • Hi Lauren! We are also unable to confirm this information, so perhaps come prepared to stand but you might still have seats in VIP on the floor.


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