Lisbon in June – Top Events Everyone Should Attend!

Written By Mihaela Gutu

June can be seen as the start of the event marathon in Lisbon, as well as in the entire country. This month is when the sun fully comes out of hiding, the start of a hot yet pleasant summer! Tourists usually prefer July and August over June because they want the best beach temperatures during their holiday to be able to swim in the ocean and get a nice tan!

That’s why Lisbon isn’t as crowded in early June as it is later in the summer. Nonetheless, there will be a myriad of events you can attend – from acclaimed international festivals to more local, traditional events, such as the official day of Portugal and the celebration of the country’s patron saint.

If you’re currently planning your Lisbon in June itinerary and need some ideas, we’ve prepared a list of the top events you should attend!

June 10 – Portuguese National Day (Official Public Holiday) – Expect Closures

Also known as Dia de Camoes, June 10th is the official Portuguese National Day, as chosen by the people of Lisbon – in honor of Luis de Camoes, the country’s greatest poet.

Statue of Luis de Camoes at Jardim Marques de Pombal, Oeiras, Portugal. Photo by Pedro Ribeiro Simoes (Flickr)

On June 10th, some cities hold street parties, as well as parades, while most shops and the like may be closed. In short, be aware that, if you stay in Lisbon in early June, the 10th will be a day of relaxation. A simple walk through the city will let you know if anything special is happening. To find the party, head straight toward the music!

June 12-13 – Feast of Saint Anthony – Celebration of Lisbon’s Patron Saint

If you’re a fan of traditional festivals and holidays, June’s really the perfect moment to be in Lisbon. This month is pretty much dedicated to the Popular Saints (Santos Populares), especially to St. Anthony, the patron saint of Lisbon.

We have an entire guide dedicated to the biggest party in Lisbon if you want to find out more about how locals and tourists will have fun during this month’s evenings (and nights) – music, dance, parades, and countless parties throughout the city!

Photo by Hannah Dalke

The Feast of Saint Anthony is celebrated between the 12th and 13th of June. Besides the regular parties, there will be many traditional events, such as the 16 Casamentos or the Marchas Populares, which is a carnival parade.

The parties and events related to the Feast of Saint Anthony can be attended by anyone, be they adults or children. There are no fees involved unless you want to indulge in some Portuguese, event-specific cuisine (make sure to eat some sardines!). In short, you only need to have fun!

Until June 16 – Lisbon Book Fair – Readers, Unite!

This year, the famous Lisbon Book Fair takes place from May 29th to June 16th in Parque Eduardo VII. If you’ve never heard about the fair before, you’re probably thinking about how and why a book fair is held in a park, right?! At least that’s what crossed my mind at first, but then I realized how cool and unique this actually is!

The Lisbon Book Fair takes place on the avenues of the mentioned park. There are so many shops with books, handmade journals, toys, and whatnot that you’ll likely get lost between them! If you’re a true bookworm, make sure to bring someone along who can prevent you from spending all your money and staying there until the last shop closes!

Besides new books, fresh out of the printing press, you also have the chance to find editions of times past – such as pre-2000s comic books and even obscure Portuguese literature.

Don’t worry about the language! While most books are indeed in Portuguese, you will certainly find English sections. Of course, first and foremost, you’ll need at least 5 minutes to take in the view, especially if you enter the fair from the top of the park!

Reading at the Lisbon Book’s Fair, Pedro Ribeiro Simões, Flickr

June 15-16, 22-23 – Rock in Rio – Rock Concerts for Every Music Fan

Rock in Rio is among the music festivals that gained worldwide recognition. It’s now been going on for almost 40 years, even though the first Lisbon editions occurred only after the 2000s. Specifically, Rock in Rio started its history in – obviously – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Its incredible fame, however, led to the festival traveling to Las Vegas, Madrid, as well as Lisbon. So far, nine editions of the festival have taken place in Lisbon.

If you happen to be here in June, then you’ll be attending the 10th edition – so there’s really no reason whatsoever to miss it!

Rock in Rio will take place during the second and third weekends of June – the 15th and 16th, and the 22nd and 23rd. Even if you are around for half a month only, you’ll still have the chance to have some fun listening to some great bands!

Rock in Rio Lisboa, Flickr

This year will be nothing short of spectacular when it comes to the line-up – Ed Sheeran, the Jonas Brothers, Doja Cat, Camila Cabello, Evanescence, Scorpions, Post Malone, the Foo Fighters, the Black Eyed Peas, and many more!

June 22 – Arraial Pride – The Lisbon Gay Pride Parade

Arraial Pride is one of the two major LGBTI+ events taking place in Lisbon (the second is in July). In fact, this year marks the 26th edition of this event, as the Arraial Pride in Lisbon dates from 1997! Essentially, it is a Pride festival where people can have fun and enjoy themselves, as well as learn more about acceptance and caring for each other.

Photo by Daniel James (Unsplash)

There will be several shows and live performances during the Arraial Pride event. The party starts at noon on Saturday in Terreiro do Paco and will likely last until early morning on Sunday. Arraial Pride is said to be the most colorful event in Lisbon, so make sure to enjoy its beauty! The entrance is free – all you’ve got to do is have fun!

All Month – Lisbon Under Stars – A Truly Ethereal Experience

Lisbon is home to plenty of ruins and architectural wonders. A lesser-known one, however, is the Carmo Convent.

If you’re a visual person, imagine this – massive gothic pillars, columns, and arches spanning all around and upwards of you, under the open sky. It is simply breathtaking!

Carmo Convent. Photo by Gabriel Fernandes (Flickr)

Even more breathtaking, however, is the Lisbon Under Stars event, which is, in all honesty, quite indescribable. The gist is that the ruins’ walls will be transformed into a 3D and 360-degree screen, obviously with the help of some very powerful projectors. On this massive screen, the attendees will be able to see over 600 years of the city’s history.

In short, if you visit Lisbon to discover Lisbon, then this is the perfect event for the end of your holiday. You’ll experience multiple forms of content, mainly visual but also auditive – basically culture in its purest form.

Every Sunday – Out Jazz Festival – the best language for music

Taking a look at the best vocal music in the world, roughly three-quarters of it comes from places where Portuguese is spoken – thus, you may sometimes hear that it is the best language for music.

As such, given the importance of music, why not end your trip dancing or singing along? If you do want to end your trip that way, you’re in luck! Every Sunday, from May to September, the public gardens of Lisbon will hum with soul, hip-hop, funk, and jazz music – courtesy of the Out Jazz Festival.

In June, the talented musicians will be found in the Jardins da Quinta Real de Caxias. You can simply tag along, as there’s no admission fee. The events usually begin at 5 pm. 

Out Jazz, oalfaiatelisboeta, Flickr

Now, now, don’t waste any time! As you can see, June is a very busy month for Lisbon. Start planning now if you want to make the best of it!

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