How to Watch the 2024 Summer Olympics in Portugal

Written By Becky Gillespie

The 2024 Summer Olympics in Paris will be hosted from July 26 to August 11, and we’ve got all the details we know so far for those of you watching from Portugal. This year is special for Portugal as we are only one hour behind the scheduled events taking place in Paris. That’s going to make it very easy for Olympic fans trying to catch their favorite events in Portugal – whether it’s on TV or in a sports bar with friends.  

There is not really a tradition of Portuguese people gathering to watch Olympic events or following them so closely, as admittedly the country does not typically take home many medals. But for those of you who love watching the Olympics, we want to highlight the Portuguese Olympic hopefuls who have qualified so far and let you know about how you can watch the games and where you can watch the Olympics in Lisbon and Porto!

The 2024 Portuguese Olympic Team – So Far!

Qualifications for Olympic athletes going to Paris officially ends on June 30, 2024, but 55 Portuguese athletes have qualified so far as of the second week of June. This has not yet hit the target set by the Head of the Olympic Mission, Marco Alves, of 66 medal events and 92 total athletes, but we still have two weeks to go!

The first athlete to secure an Olympic spot for Portugal was swimmer Diogo Ribeiro, a 19-year-old from Coimbra specializing in the butterfly and freestyle. Diogo made history at the 2023 World Aquatics Championships when he took home a silver medal in the 50 m butterfly, becoming the first ever Portuguese medalist at a senior-level world championship. Diogo did even better in 2024 when he became the world champion in the 50 m and 100 m butterfly at the 2024 World Aquatics Championship in Doha. All eyes will be on Diogo in Paris, and we are wishing him well!

Diogo Ribeiro
Diogo Ribeiro in September 2022, Agencia LUSA, Wikimedia Commons

Of the four Portuguese medalists from Tokyo 2020, only Patrícia Mamona (Triple jump, silver) has not yet managed to qualify. Jorge Fonseca (judo), Fernando Pimenta (canoe), and Tokyo 2020 Gold medalist in the triple jump, Pedro Pichardo, have all qualified again for 2024!

Portuguese athletes have also already qualified in table tennis, surfing, equestrian-dressage, women’s all-around artistic gymnastics, men’s trampoline, triathlon, shot shooting, and cycling, to name only a few.  

Portugal Will Help with Security at the Olympics

Portugal plans to send 54 GNR military personnel and 53 PSP agents to strengthen the security detail in France. The GNR will beef up security by assisting with border control, patrolling on horseback, document fraud, and detection of explosives. Agents will be on standby in Paris, Chateauroux, Marseille, and Bordeaux.  

The Maison du Portugal, created in 1967, will help host some of the agents during the Olympics. The space usually hosts university students from 40 different nationalities including 100 Portuguese.

Carrying the Torch and Judging the Competitions

With just over 6 weeks to go before the games, 13 Portuguese judges will be taking part in the games including an equestrian judge, Manuel Carvalho Martins, who is the grandson of one of the bronze medalists in the team jumping event, Hélder de Sousa Martins.

Equestrian Sports
Equestrian Practice, Dannie Armstrong, Flickr

Diana Gomes, a former swimmer for Portugal, has already carried the torch for Paris. He transported the Olympic Torch on May 9 in Marseille. Gomes has dual nationality and Parisian grandparents.   

No Pavilion but Thousands of Fans and Volunteers

Portugal will not have a Portuguese pavilion in Paris this year, so the Consulate and Embassy of Portugal in Paris will take on a more active role in supporting and receiving Portuguese fans. It is not possible to know how many Portuguese citizens have already purchased tickets for events, but there are some events that have free admission, such as cycling. Of course, the marathon is always an option as well – for those going to the capital who want to try and stand somewhere along the course.

Where Can I Watch the Olympics in Lisbon?

Before giving recommendations on where you can watch the Olympics in Portugal, we do want to let you know that the broadcasts will obviously be in Portuguese.

At the pub
At the pub, Naseem Buras, Unsplash

The Couch – Rua do Alecrim 21A – This bar, located near the transportation hub of Cais do Sodre, is one of the best sports bars in Lisbon. It has multiple rooms and many TVs, which gives you a great chance of getting one of the bar tenders to turn on your favorite Olympic sport. This place can get very crowded.  

The George – Rua do Crucifixo 58 66, 1100-184 – Located in Baixa Chiado, the George is a British pub with big screens and posh vibes. Prices are bit high for Lisbon, but this is a centrally located spot that might serve you well for the Olympics unless there is a big football match on.

Mignon Sports Bar – This is the smallest of the sports bars that we recommend here. Located in the trendy neighborhood of Campo de Ourique, Mignon is a friendly place that can host about 30 people on the first floor and double that in the basement. The homey vibes and affordable prices make this place well worth it.

Where Can I Watch the Olympics in Porto?

Adega Sports Bar – Rua de José Falcão 180 – Centrally located with several screens and booths and decent prices. Ask the bar staff to find the event you want to watch and they will do their best to help!

Eleven Sports Bar Foz – Esplanada do Castelo 133If you want to catch the Olympics while also facing the ocean, come on out to Eleven Sports Bar in Foz. Multiple TV screens and a friendly atmosphere will make the trip worth it!

How Can I Watch the Olympics on TV in Portugal?

For the 2024 Summer Olympics in Paris, you will have three options to watch the Olympics on TV in Portugal. To watch the Olympics for free, you can watch the RTP channel, which is the public service broadcasting organization in Portugal, operating four national television channels. You can catch more Olympics on Eurosport, which is part of a paid cable sports package. The Olympics will be streaming in Portugal on Max and RTP Play.

Where Can I Find the Summer Olympics Event Schedule?

Get the full schedule of Olympic events here. The opening ceremony takes place on July 26 starting at 8:24 pm, Paris local time, which is 7:24 pm Lisbon time. Why 8:24 pm? Well, it’s 20:24 if you’re using the 24 hour clock!

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