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If you’re looking for a getaway and a good starting point to see the Alentejo, then the historic capital of the region is the...


The historical importance of Coimbra is massive, it’s one of Portugal's oldest cities, since Roman times, this city was already an important location. Coimbra was...


Portugal’s most chic resort, Cascais is known for its three stunning bays and boasts delicious upscale restaurants, luxurious hotels, and non-pareil beaches. But it...


Braga is not usually a city that enters the itinerary of those who travel to Portugal. In fact, the north of Portugal as a...


Aveiro is a Portuguese city located on the northern coast in the Central Region of Portugal. This city is often called the "Portuguese Venice"...


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If you’re looking for a summer holiday in Portugal, Albufeira is an awesome option for you! Albufeira is the largest and most energetic of...
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