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About Travel to The Azores

The Azores islands offer the visitor an incredible scenery along with a way of life that has changed little in most of the islands. The Azores are comprised of nine islands; S. Miguel, Santa Maria, Terceira, S. Jorge, Graciosa, Faial, Pico, Flores and Corvo.

S. Miguel is the busiest travel hub in the Azores. Pico is the second largest and the less populated by surface area. All islands have something different to offer, and all will welcome you with open arms.

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Explore the captivating Azores islands by expedition ship. A perfect way to experience the sparkling blue coastlines and spectacular volcanic vistas that characterize these nine remote islands located in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. 9 days, 8 nights

Departure Dates (Note: this is the ONLY date for this cruise):
April 22

Day 1 - Apr 22: Ponta Delgada, Sao Miguel Island

Embarkation in historical Ponta Delgada.

Day 2 - April 23: Graciosa

The first day of island hopping is to the tranquil island of Graciosa to visit the sulphur cave or Furna do Enoxfre and the charming town of Santa Cruz. Later, enjoy a zodiac cruise around the volcanic coastal cliffs and islets.

Day 3 - April 24: Flores & Corvo

Start the day on Flores, often considered the most beautiful island and also of notable geologic interest with fajas, basalt cliffs, valleys and lakes created by volcanic activity. This afternoon visit the tiny island of Corvo, basically comprised of one large caldeira (crater). The ship will circumnavigate the island or if conditions permit, a landing will take place to visit the one small village and walk the rim of the caldeira. 

Day 4 - April 25: Faial

Faial has been a haven for sailors throughout time. A visit to Ponta dos Capelinhos gives and insight into the impact of the 1957-8 volcanic eruption on the community and environment. The scenic drive back to Horta will take in views of nearby Pico’s mountain and a visit to the Botanical Garden. Back in Horta, enjoy the Scrimshaw Museum and wander through the town.

Day 5 - April 26: Pico

This stunning island is physically dominated by a dramatic volcanic peak. Learn more about the local wine industry through a visit to a vineyard/wine museum and the UNESCO designated Lajido Acros. A drive will provide the opportunity to see more of the dramatic peaked landscape and then on to the museum in Lajes do Pico that tells the story of the past whaling in the archipelago. .

Day 6 - April 27: São Jorge

This largely rural island has many more cattle than people and is known for its strong cheddar-like cheese. It’s of geographical interest with its cliff shoreline marked with flat fajas sweeping to the sea. After visiting the charming old world harbour town of Velas, the ship cruises the coastline to find a tranquil faja for a Zodiac landing.

Day 7 - April 28: Terceira

The UNESCO city of Angra do Heroismo has a delightful waterfront area and Mediterranean feel. A walking tour takes in the Convent do Sao Francisco, Misericorda church, public gardens affording a hill top view of this charming city and a museum. In the afternoon, there is time to hike to Monte Brasil, a volcanic cone, to see the old fort or relax and wander the historic town.

Day 8 - April 29: Santa Maria

Dramatic waterfalls, lava tube caves and terraced cliffside vineyards create a stunning coastline on this island, the only one that is both sedimentary and volcanic. Sea conditions will dictate the day’s schedule but possibilities include a visit to Sao Laurenco or Maia, a Zodiak cruise to see marine life and the sea caves of a circumnavigation of the island and on to the Formigas (Ant Islands).

Day 9 - April 30: São Miguel

Disembark in Ponta Delgada.

Optional excursion on Friday, April 30 (09:00 – 16:00)

For those staying on in Sao Miguel or with late flight departures such as the flight to Boston at 18:45 (6:45pm), an optional shore excursion is offered to the thermal area of Furnas, a tea plantation and pottery factory. A highlight of the tour includes the famous Cozido nas Caldeiras lunch, a vegetable and meat stew cooked underground in the steaming shore of Furnas lake. Price per person: $70.00

Daily Itinerary notes:

The nature of expedition travel means that your Expedition Leader will be guided by factors like weather when preparing each day’s schedule. While we make every effort to adhere to published itineraries, we cannot guarantee any specific excursion and all announced plans are subject to change. Keep in mind that unplanned changes frequently turn out to be the highlights of the trip. You will have a more enjoyable voyage if you are open to these unexpected experiences.

Daily Program:

Each evening, the Expedition Leader and Captain, through their background and experience, will fine tune the following days’ itinerary. Once finalized, this itinerary will be posted outside each passenger cabin. This itinerary will include shore excursions, lectures, mealtimes and other shipboard activities. All items are subject to change due to weather.
Please note that the itinerary in the brochure is meant as only a guide to the region we will visit. Weather will play a large part in the precise locations of our land and Zodiac excursions. Sometimes, we discover new landing places that have not been visited before, adding the element of exploration to our trip.

Your Expedition Leader will schedule briefing meetings as needed to update you on weather, and upcoming destinations.

As part of the daily itinerary there is the daily recap. So much of what you will encounter on your adventure will be new and there is no way to predict what delights Mother Nature will put before you on any given day. These informal recap sessions, usually prior to dinner, will allow passengers and staff to discuss the events of the day. As everyone shares his or her experiences the conversation is entertaining and exceptionally informative.


Cruise prices per person in USD:
Airfare to the Azores is not included. Please contact us for airfare prices & schedules
Departure Date (air) Tour Start Date
K1 Triple $2,920
K1 Double $3,525
K2 Double $4,130
K3 Double $4,335
K4 Triple $3,730
K4 Double $4,740
K6 Double $4,980
K7 Double $5,425


Shares are available and guaranteed for single travelers in K1, K2, and K3 categories. Single occupancy cabins are available for categories K2 or K3 at 180% of the double price (per person price x 2). Port taxes, all shore excursions and meals are included. A fuel surcharge may be added if fuel prices increase dramatically.

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