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Portugal calendar of events for June.

Viana do Castelo (North of Portugal)

Festeixo – the Festival of the Eixo Atlântico Theater


Ponte de Lima (North of Portugal)

“A Vaca das cordas” - This traditional festival takes place every year on the shore along the Lima River. The townspeople participate in a type of bullfight, but the animal is kept under control with ropes.

Corpus Christi Day Monção (North of Portugal)

Festa da Coca - This annual festival takes place Corpus Christi Day as it did in the Middle Ages. There will be a Medieval tournament between St. George and the Dragon (also known as the “Coca”), symbolizing the battle between Good and Evil.

Ponte de Lima (North of Portugal)

Festa do Corpo de Deus – Tapetes floridos (Corpus Christi Festival) Streets will be carpeted in various designs with a large array of flowers.

Vila do Conde (North of Portugal)

Festa do Corpo de Deus (Corpus Christi Festival) - This religious festival includes a majestic procession. The streets of the city’s historic center are carpeted in various designs with a large array of flowers.


Portugal’s National Day – Traditional celebrations with emphasis to cultural events.

Paredes de Coura (North of Portugal)

Feira de produtos regionais (Regional Products Fair)

Lisboa– Festas da Cidade (Lisbon Festivities)

Being the birthplace of St. Anthony, Lisbon celebrates the saint’s birth during this period of time. In the historical centre, one can watch street entertainment ranging from theatre to popular music, classical and ethnic music, jazz, circus arts, mime, brass bands and traditional games. On the night of the 12th to the 13th, clubs and associations from the city’s different neighborhoods march down Avenida da Liberdade competing with one another in flashy, quick-stepping parades that include elaborate costumes, illuminated banners, and music. In the old districts of Lisbon, the streets become especially alive with lanterns, music, and crowds. In these parties – Arraiais – the people of Lisbon go to dance and eat sardines.


Festival de Música (Music Festival)

Ponte de Lima (North of Portugal)

Festa do Vinho Verde (Green Wine Festival)

Angra do Heroísmo (Terceira Island - Azores)

Festas Sanjoaninas – local festivities

Gaia (North of Portugal)

Festas de São João (St. John’s Festival)

Porto– Festas de São João (St. John’s Festival)

The city annually commemorates this popular saint with secular traditions and customs. From the evening of the 23rd until the 24th, everyone is out on the streets carrying citron leaves and leeks, and they participate in an animated battle. The festivities continue until the break of dawn and include a magnificent fireworks display over the Douro River followed, a few hours later, by a boat-race of traditional “rabelo” boats.

Vila do Conde (North of Portugal)

Festas de São João (St. John’s Festival) - This religious festival includes a majestic procession, and almost 2 miles of the streets of the city’s historic center are carpeted in various designs with a large array of flowers.

Resende (North of Portugal)

Festa da Cereja e Feira de Artesanato (Cherry Blossom & Handicrafts Festival)


FIA’2004 – International Handicrafts Fair. The exhibition displays handicrafts from around the world and highlights quality Portuguese crafts.

Ribeira Grande (São Miguel Island – Azores)

Cavalhadas de São Pedro (Joust of St. Peter)

Final week of the month

Sintra (Lisboa region)

Festas de São Pedro - On the 29th, there will be the “Grande Feira Anual de São Pedro de Penaferrim” – a large local fair

June - July

Matosinhos (North of Portugal)

Matosinhos em Jazz
Location: Casa da Juventude

June through September

Sintra (Lisboa region)

Sintra Festival Music Festival (June/July)
Locations: Palácio Nacional de Sintra, Palácio Nacional da Pena, Palácio Nacional de Queluz, & Quinta da Piedade

Other June Events

Guimarães (North of Portugal)

Romaria Grande de São Torcato (pilgrimage)

Coimbra (Beiras region)

Feira Medieval (Medieval Fair)
Location: Largo da Sé Velha

Figueira da Foz (Beiras region)

Festas de São João – city celebrations

Abrantes (Lisboa region)

Festas da cidade – city celebrations

Benavente (Lisboa region)

Festa da Sardinha Assada (Grilled Sardine Festival)

Almodôvar (Alentejo region)

FACAL – The arts & culture fair of Almodôvar

Bombarral (Lisboa region)

Festival do Vinho Português (Portuguese Wine Festival)

Constância (Lisboa region)

Pomonas Camonianas - These festivities annually celebrate Camões, one of Portugal’s most important poets who was born in Constância back in the 16th century. The festivities include a 16th century fair.


Cosmopolis Festival

Óbidos (Lisboa region)

Feira do Livro (Book Fair)

Praia de Pedrogão (Leiria – Lisboa region)

Festival da Sardinha (Sardine Festival)

Peniche (Lisboa region)

Corrida das Fogueiraslocal festival

Pombal (Lisboa region)

Festas do Bodo – local festival

Salvaterra de Magos (Lisboa region)

Festas do Foral, dos Toiros e do Fandango. This traditional festival includes bullfights, a type of rodeo, and folklore.

Tomar (Lisboa region)

Music Month - For the month of June, the region has prepared a musical festival with various themes in different locations

Setúbal (Lisboa region)

FESTRÓIA - Festival Internacional de Cinema de Tróia. This is an important cultural event in which many famous personalities from the international cinema industry participate.

Vila Franca de Xira (Lisboa region)

Semana da Cultura Tauromáquica (The Art of Bullfighting Week)

Alcácer do Sal (Alentejo region)

PIMEL – Pine nut, honey, & regional sweets fair.

Almodôvar (Alentejo region)

FACAL – The arts & culture fair of Almodôvar

Évora (Alentejo region)

Feira de São João (St. John’s Fair) - This is a large “market” of the city and of the Alentejo. The fair is officially recreated to reflect the 13th century. There will be economic, gastronomic, and cultural activities.

Various Locations – Algarve region

Festival Internacional de Música do Algarve (International Music Festival in the Algarve)

Lagoa (Algarve region)

Semana de Gastronomia portuguesa (Portuguese Gastronomy Week)

Funchal (Madeira)

Festival do Atlântico - Classical music concerts and spectacular choreographed firework displays
Locations: Teatro Municipal Baltazar Dias and the Sé do Funchal