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Seminario Patriarcal, Santarem | Photographer: Antonio Sacchetti

This table is updated to the best of our knowledge, and we are not responsible for any error or omission.

January 1 Wednesday New Year's Day
February 24 Tuesday Carnival
Apri 10 Friday Good Friday
April 12 Sunday Easter
April 25 Saturday Liberty Day
May 1 Friday Labor Day
May 17 Sunday Santo Cristo Festival
(Azores only)
June 10 Wednesday Portugal Day
June 11 Thursday Corpus Christi
August 15 Saturday Assumption Day (P)
October 5 Monday Proclamation of Portuguese Republic
November 1 Sunday All Saints' Day
December 1 Tuesday Restoration of Port. Independence
December 8 Tuesday Feast of Immaculate Conception
December 25 Friday Christmas Day